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Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Top Stories

Jobs' Keynote Fails To Impress
by MacNN
A new Aqua Pro Mode option, which changes all the Aqua elements to Graphite, helps reduce the graphic distraction that some graphic artists expressed displeasure over in Aqua.

Seybold Keynote: OS X Beta Release Sept. 13, Jobs Says
by MacCentral
Using Seybold as his backdrop, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs told attendees at Tuesday's Seybold keynote that the beta of Mac OS X will be available on Wednesday, September 13.

With Streamlining, Fresh Offerings, New Macs Are Well Worth The Wait
by Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
The new Macs give you quite a bit of bang for your buck, especially if you're new to computers. For those who want something simple or flashy, these are great products to try.

Apple Identifies Employee As Alleged Source Of Leaks
The company said today it has amended its Aug. 2 lawsuit to name a company worker as the "Doe 1" accused in court documents of posting confidential details on Apple products on the Web using the pseudonym "worker bee."

Adobe Announces Photoshop 6
The image-editing franchise gets a big facelift, with improved type functions, layer effects and vector capabilities. The upgrade also includes ImageReady 3, which remains a separate application.


Apple To Release Beta For New OS On Sept. 13
Apple plans to release a public test version of its OS X operating system Sept. 13, chief executive Steve Jobs said today.

Seybold Keynote: OS X Beta Release Sept. 13, Jobs Says
by MacCentral
Using Seybold as his backdrop, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs told attendees at Tuesday's Seybold keynote that the beta of Mac OS X will be available on Wednesday, September 13.

New Technology Promises Switft Boot
by Associated Press
Anyone who has sprouted gray hair while waiting for a computer to boot up should take heart: Help is on the way.

A Big Day For Adobe
In a wide-ranging press conference at Seybold SF, Adobe Systems presented Photoshop 6 and InScope, the workflow management software formerly known by its code-name, Stilton. But the big news was the company's acquisition of Glassbook, a developer of e-book software.


Cube Denial
It takes a certain kind of thinking person to appreciate the Cube for what it is. Forward thinking people, and those people who use their Powerbooks as their desktops will probably love the Cube.

Why OS X Delays Are Good
by Artifical Cheese

Whither Apple Handhelds?
by MacDirectory

All Aboard The AAPL Express!
by The Mac Observer


You've Got Aqua
by Macworld
Why wait on the folks in Cupertino for lickable desktop accoutrements?


Tuesday, August 29, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Web Sights

Tim Berners-Lee on good home pages: I feel one should start with something very open and obvious, but then get more compact once the reader is into somethin ghe is interested in an dhas go the hang of the program. 1991.

Ric Ford: There has been a death in our immediate family, which has prevented us from maintaining regular updates [at Macintouch] over the past few days. We'll attempt to update the page on a semi-regular basis this week, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


Intel's Stumble Unlikely To Have Long-Term Effect
Like all black eyes, it will heal. The problem won't have a lasting effect on the marketplace.

Did Intel's Speed Race Lead To Recall?
by eWEEK
Some critics say Intel's pedal-to-the-metal gigahertz war with AMD is taking a toll on chip quality.

Recall May Hurt Intel's Effort To Defend Market
Competition from AMD contributed to Intel's recent production problems, but AMD's limited chipmaking capacity will prevent it from cashing in on the embarrassing mistakes, according to analysts.

Few Call Windows 2000 A Smooth Seller
by San Francisco Chronicle
Sales of Windows 2000, the software for running corporate computer networks and desktops, have fallen short of some analysts' expectations. And that has left some to speculate whether the company, known for setting off around-the-block lines for its consumer software, will make good on its goal to elbow its way into the high-end business market, now dominated by the likes of arch nemesis Sun Microsystems.

Xbox, Xbox, Uber Alles Ü Alles
by Salon
Quit whining. A Microsoft monopoly isn't always a bad thing — especially if it kicks off a renaissance in gaming creativity.

Microsoft Hones Look Of Windows
by ZDNet
It's not a radical change, but Microsoft is clearly altering the look of Windows. One modification: New drop-down menus.

Wen Did Intel Know Of P3 Problems?
by eWEEK
The chip maker said it has known of the flaw for only a few days — but Web sites have reported problems for weeks.

AMD Boosts Athlon Processor To 1.1 GHz
While Intel is struggling to speed up its Pentium III, Advanced Micro Devices has cranked up its Athlon processors once again.

Glitch Prompts Intel To Recall 1.13-GHz Pentiums
Intel has recalled its fastest chip—the 1.13-GHz Pentium III—saying the chip could cause system errors when running certain programs and at a particular temperature.

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