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Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Top Stories

New iBooks Slower? Not So Fast
by Wired News
"It was great in its time, but any testing tool that goes untouched for two years is bound to run into problems."

In Praise Of Corporate Tyranny
by Macworld
By being a force of nature. By cutting like a knife through the politics, infighting, and dissention of the 1997 Apple. And yes, by firing people who didn't get with the program. By moving quickly—too fast for studies, consensus, or focus groups—and making decisions on instinct and experience.

Religious Themes Dominate 'Second Coming'
by Upside
"It is easy just as a joke to refer to Steve Jobs' companies as a cult, but in doing research for the book I actually found many similarities to actual cults such as Est [Erhard Seminars Training] and elements of the 1970s human potential movements," Deutschman says while being interviewed in a San Francisco cafe.

Apple's Chief Sales Executive Steps Down
Less than two weeks after Apple Computer said it would fall short of its revenue goals for the quarter, the company's chief sales executive announced Monday he will leave the company at the end of the year.


QT Live!: QuickTime And Mac OS X A Powerful Combo
by MacCentral
The future for QuickTime, especially QuickTime on Mac OS X, is incredibly bright, says Ben Haylock, computing services officer for MacQuarie University in Sydney, Australia, "a center for flexible learning."

Unauthorized Biography Takes On Steve Jobs
by Upside
"I really wanted to have some fun with the cult aspects of his life," Deutschman says, "and give a sense that this wasn't some deadly serious biographical tome but a book with a little bit of an attitude and a sense of humor."


Why Apple Will Bounce Back
by ZDNet
I may not be an Apple apologist, but — so far, at least — I believe that few apologies are necessary, either from the Mac maker or its supporters.


Final Cut Pro
Apple's Final Cut Pro (FCP) and its sibling, iMovie 2, are powering a new desktop video revolution that enables people to be content sources, rather than simply media consumers.

Ariston iView USB Video Input Device


Tuesday, October 10, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Apple Confidential, 2000

Without resorting to any explicit guesses or speculations, CNET reports that Mitch Mandich, vice president of worldwide sales, is retiring. Maybe it is just a coincidence that this announcement came just two weeks after the disastrous profit warning. Just the facts?

The Mac Observer is more direct in their approach. Two possible versions behind the scene were offered: either Mitch is responsible losing half of the company, or he is the scapegoat. However, the opinion is that it is a coincidence.

Third version: Steve and Mitch disagrees with how to fix up sales, and guess who is being forced out of the company?


AMD May Dodge PC Weakness In Third-Quarter Results
Although several companies have warned that third-quarter revenue and profits will be lower than expected, Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices appears to be on track to meet earnings later this week.

Cisco, Microsoft Paid No Federal Income Tax
by Associated Press
Cisco Systems and Microsoft, two of the nation's richest companies, capitalized on the windfall profits of their employees to wipe out their federal income tax bills last year.

Microsoft's Funny Money
by Salon
A spunky shareholder resolution demands that the company account for its political campaign contributions.

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