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Thursday, October 19, 2000

Top Stories

Will Apple Regain Momentum?
by Meta Group
Although Apple's third quarter was slightly under analyst estimates, the market is exaggerating the company's supposed "financial troubles."

It's Apple Picking Time
by IDEAadvisor
If Apple continues to grow at a vigorous clip, the upside is appealing, as both earnings, and price/earnings multiple expand.  This is one stock you must own again.

Users: Apple Is Support Champ
by ZDNet Help & How-To
Apple got top marks for technical support among PC vendors cited a user survey by ZDNet's Help and How-To channel. Check out how the Mac maker fared against the competition.


Apple Stock Drops Again
Apple Computer's shares fell as much as 9 percent Thursday following Wednesday's worse-than-expected earnings news.

Apple Shares Fall On Disappointing Earnings Report, Forecast
by Newsbytes
Apple shares were trading at $19.44, down 69 cents, or 3.5 percent, in early afternoon. At one point today, shares slipped below the 52-week low of $18.75.

Apple Makes Losing Look Good
by The Industry Standard
Cupertino loses to Redmond in the third quarter, but it has the more upbeat announcement.

Despite Woes, Jobs Promises Faster Chips, Cheaper Cubes
Although Apple Computer warned Wednesday that sales could stay relatively flat in the coming year, chief executive Steve Jobs said the company has no shortage of new products in the pipeline.


Backyard Baseball 2001
by MacAddict

BBEdit 6.0
If you work even casually with syntax, BBEdit 6.0 will prove to be an indispensable tool that not only increases productivity over other editors—including its own younger sibling BBEdit Lite—but that simply by function teaches you more about the programming or markup language in which you're writing.

Mac OS X: New Finder Makes Life Easier
by Project Eyeball

by Macworld
IcWord does a decent job of displaying the original formatting; it will match fonts as closely as possible to that of the original document.

The Designer's Quartet
A recent experience helping a colleague research and buy a suitable Mac system left me overwhelmed at the choices available. So I may be sticking my neck out just before Thanksgiving, but I'm going to make some suggestions about a designer's hardware starter kit.

Microsoft Redesigns Mac Office
by New York Times
This robust set of business programs can let Mac users work with tools that are just as good (or even better) than the ones available to their Windows co-workers ó just what one needs in a cross-platform world.

X's Coolest Feature: A Unix Heart
by Project Eyeball
After a day testing Mac OS X, the only thing to be said is: "What the hell took Apple so long?"


Thursday, October 19, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Describing this poster in text would not do it justice. Just click and be horrified.


Intel's Hard Road To The High End
by InternetWeek
Intel's got a roadmap to deliver chips for high-end server computing, but it has to clear a few roadblocks first.

Gates: Poor Need Meds, Not PCs
by Wired News
Bill Gates appeared at the Digital Dividends conference here like a Tory at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, telling the 350 attendees that they were wrong to expect to find markets among the world's poorest people.

Microsoft Eyes Palm Handhelds For .Net-Based Applications
by InfoWorld
"No offense to the Pocket PC, but we might need to bring .Net services to Palm and other [handheld] devices."

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