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Tuesday, October 31, 2000


Apple Creates 'Education Czar'
by The Register
A chastened Apple is getting tough on poor sales to the education market, getting tough on the causes of poor sales to the education market, with the creation of a new post to oversee its efforts in that arena.

The Mac's Next Memory?
As PC100 grows long in the tooth, new memory technologies promise at least modest speed improvements for future Mac systems. MacWEEK's David Read looks at the alternatives, suggesting that Apple's best choice is DDR RAM, also used on ATI's Radeon board.


OS X Changes Stay The Same
by Macinstein
OS X has turned a lot of heads, yet, with people¥s obvious reservations, we look to X final to see if it can hold up the promises made about it.

Hello Copland?
So compared with Copland, OS X offers a lot. A few things promise less, but the basic infrastructure is a lot sounder.

Feeding Apple's Silicon Habit
by MacEdition
Clearly, there is a need for a better roadmap from Motorola. A joint statement concerning future development of the G4 from both Apple and Motorola would be even better, provided Motorola publicly committed to shipping dates.

Difference Engine: Dell Computer Cracks Up!
The Cube has cracks, revenues missed expectations, Apple has troubles. But would things be the same if Dell Computer Corporation had the same problems?


Tuesday, October 31, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Old News

4 Years Ago - Power Grapples With Life After Macs: With two pages of its monthly calendar ripped out, struggling computer manufacturer Power Computing has yet to pencil in a survival strategy for its business.

Singapore Readers: A Singapore Airlines plane heading for Los Angeles crashed in Taiwan at around 11.20 pm on Oct 31 night. More news at SingaporeSurf.


Intel Patents IA-64 Instruction Set
by The Register
A stack of new patents filed by Intel has provoked speculation that the company is in effect trying to patent the IA-64 instruction set.

Microsoft Unable To Catch Hacker On Its Own
The company believes that its systems are now secure but would not confirm how the breach took place.

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