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Monday, December 4, 2000

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What If Apple Never Grew?
Considering the pummeling Apple has taken recently, I decided to ask myself the question, "If Apple never grew, forever, what should its shares be worth today?"

What's The Difference Between A Mac And A PC... User?
by Linux Format
Microsoft have done some research, then done the dirty. I received a call from their PR Agency today, telling me about this great new survey they'd done, looking at the different lifestyles of PC and Mac owners. And PC Owners came out on top. But then they told the guys at Mac Format magazine that THEY came on top...

The Rumors Of Our Death Are Greatly Exaggerated
by MacAddict
Our circulation continues to climb and business is good, so we don't plan on going anywhere for a long, long time.


EarthLink Fights AOL, MSN With Ads
by Reuters
EarthLink launched an advertising campaign Monday in an effort to raise awareness of its brand and take some market share from rivals America Online and Microsoft unit MSN.

Hacking OS X Just Got Easier
by The Mac Observer
Clever hackers have managed to tweak and manipulate the system to make it look, and act, more how they want it to.

Nisus Writer Gets 'tweaked' To 6.0.1
by MacCentral


Inside Your Mac
by Low End Mac
Part of the stream is two books that got their start in the early 90s and have just been updated. Enough has changed in the Mac world to warrant extensive re-writing of both titles.


Monday, December 4, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

What is worst than a web site with a splash page? How about a web site with two splash pages?

Cameron Barrett: I just want information, folks. Is that too much to ask?


Corporate Should Pass On The Pentium 4
by eWEEK
One reason corporate users should avoid the P4 is that it won't make office applications faster.

Survey Says Business Customers Migrating To Windows 2000
by Bloomberg News
Microsoft has been successful in getting customers to buy the new version of its computer operating system for businesses, Windows 2000, to replace the older Windows NT system, research firm IDC said.

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