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Monday, November 26, 2001


Converting Windows Users With The iPod
by Tim Nash, Low End Mac
Give them a voucher for 20 minutes use of a Mac in the outlet where they bought their iPod.


FileMaker Pro Developer 5.5
by Gary Coyne,

Office V. X Added To OS X Makes The Mac Worthwhile
by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, PioneerPlanet
The Macintosh looks to be a cutting-edge and competitive computer platform thanks to OS X and Office v. X, which are impressive achievements.

To Upgrade OS Or Not To Upgarde, That Is The Question
by Craig Crossman, Bradenton Herald
In the long run you'll be happy you upgraded.

Bargain Hunting For The Holidays
by Bill Husted, Palm Beach Post-Cox
If this is your year to buy a high tech holiday present, you might be especially gifted.

Rich Color Printing For Any Budget
by Stephen H. Wildstrom, BusinessWeek
Today's inexpensive inkjets are better than ever, and big spenders will find a color laser is downright unbeatable.


Monday, November 26, 2001
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Quick Vote: Is the iPod the next iMac or G4 Cube?

Stephen H. Wildstrom, BusinessWeek: Apple Computer has taught us that computer products can be both functional and handsome.

Have you tried searching for 'google' in Google? Interesting links...

Jeff Adkins, in The Lite Site: they list every press release related to PeeCees and have an excellent PeeCee section set in 56 point type.

I figured out something a while ago: I don't want to earn money as a programmer by the time I reach 40. Well, today, my real job officially don't need me to program. But — I still haven't figure out what I want to do at 40.

The only thing I can think of right now is to open my own sandwich shop.

Rumor Monger

Bigger screens! Bigger screen! From the consistent 17-inch iMac, to the latest 13.7 inch iBook, the rumor of bigger screens never stops.

Maybe that does tell something to Apple's engineering.


Is It Time For Developers To Trust Microsoft?
by Charles Cooper, ZDNet
Should small developers trust Microsoft or stay true to their instincts?

Windows XP Fails To Spark Demand For PCs
by Edward Iwata, USA Today
Sales of PCs loaded with Microsoft's Windows XP have been largely flat since it was launched last month.

Microsoft Unveils New eHome Unit
by Rebecca Buckman, Wall Street Journal
Some of the futuristic technology in Bill Gates' mansion could be heading for less-affluent consumers.

Best Of The Mac Web Survey
by Dan Knight, Low End Mac
Over 2,000 people shared their opinion of some of the best known Mac-related sites on the web — as well as a few of the newest.

WinXP Effect Sends PC Sales Up And Down In Japan
by John Lettice, The Register
The problem is that the ups or downs depend on whether you compare the laucnh week with the week before, or with the same week a year before.

BadTrans Virus Bites Windows Users Hard
by John Leyden, The Register
Mass mailer outbreak

Intel Unveils Chip Advances
by Barnaby J. Feder, New York Times
Intel will continue doubling the performance of microchips every 18 to 24 months through the end of the decade.

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