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Thursday, November 29, 2001

Top Stories

Doesn't Anybody Plan Anything Anymore?
by Matt Foster,
If any corporation in America could compete for the term "dolt," Apple ranks high on the list of nominees.

Visions Of Toasters And iPods Dance In Their Heads
by Jim Heid, Los Angeles Times
This year's picks, available online as well as at Apple's new retail stores,a re sure to please anyone. Except maybe Bill Gates.


Spreading The Power Of X
by Garry barker, The Age
Apple's new OS was designed to run only on G3s and G4s, but a resourceful developer has circumvented such limitations.

Prudential Sees A Boost For Gateway, Apple
by Kim Alexy, BusinessWeek
Retail PC foot traffic and unit sales are in some cases slightly better than prior holiday season trends.


What If Apple Made An iCam?
by Maury Markowitz, osOpinion
Make a digital camera with all the advantages of an iPod.

Of Apples And Oranges
by Vladimir Bachynsk and Paul Chan, Business Times Singapore
Apple is a different kind of company. Don't lump it in with the rest of the PC industry.

Good Survey And Bad Surveys
by Dan Knight, Low End Mac

Apple For The Teacher? Not If MS Shows Up In Schools
by David Coursey, ZDNet
Whatever you think about Microsoft, you have to give them credit. I mean, who else could turn a billion-dollar "gift to education" into an anti-competitive business practice?

Apple CEO Jobs Is Right, Microsoft Settlement Is Wrong
by Kelly McNeill, osOpinion
Tuesday's decision by Jobs to potentially risk this relationship with Microsoft by speaking out is an indication of just how inappropriate he feels the proposed "remedy" really is.


Apple iPod
by Designtechnica
If you are willing to give up that $399.95, then the iPod will bring you joy.

My New Favorite Toy
by Stewart Alsop, Fortune
iPod solves today's music-listening problem. That's just amazing.

What's New: Top 10 Gadgets
by Ashley Norris, The Guardian
Can Apple breath life into a virtually dead MP3 market? The iPod has the right credentials.

A Week With The iPod
by James Davidson, O'Reilly Network
Bottom line: good for a 1.0 product, looking for the 1.1.


Thursday, November 29, 2001
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Sharp to release new handheld music, video player... The new palmtop device may be compared with Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod digital music player. Complaining about a wildly speculative and unscientific survey qualifies as 'blather.'

Dan Hughes: The OS X-native version streams well and has a decent interface. Best of all, Microsoft has used the file bundling feature of OS X to its fullest. Nice!

OpenOSX: Install the world's most popular and powerful 'Unix' applications Macintosh style.

I wish I can use the phrase "I'm your huckleberry" more often.

Why is New York City called The Big Apple, and hence make my usage of search engines to look for articles about Apple a little more diffcult.


Dell Hopes To Lure Chinese Buyers With Cheap PCs
by Tony Munroe, Reuters
Dell is adapting its approach to tap the consumer sector in China — one of the few healthy markets in an otherwise ailing industry.

Stop Whingeing About 'Windows Tax'
by Chris Lee,
Microsoft's controversial new software licensing structure has been tipped by analysts to succeed.

Microsoft Wants Windows To Be Heart Of The Home Network
by Mike Langberg, San Jose Mercury News
Microsoft is touting its new Windows XP operating system as the software of choice for a home "server."

Microsoft Previews Xbox In Singapore
by Derek Cher, Channel NewsAsia
For now, Xbox enthusiasts will just have to be satisfied with a sneak preview.

WinXP Steals Your Bandwidth
by John Lettice, The Register
20 percent bandwidth reserved for... well, just in case.

Intel's Battle With Broadcom Comes To Court
by Tony Smith, The Register
Fight over patents.

The Microsoft Resistance
by Scott Rosenberg, Salon
Redmond may have triumphed legally and financially — but there are still little ways to strike blows against the empire.

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