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Monday, December 3, 2001

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Pioneering QuickTime Still Dominates The Multimedia Picture
by Dawn C. Chmielewski, San Jose Mercury News
The introduction of Apple QuickTime on Dec 2, 1991, shaped the multimedia experience we take for granted today.


... But Don't Try It With iPod
by Lauren Barack, New York Post
In the long history of war between devices and content, the hardware has always won.

Apple Selected As Top Wireless Vendor
by MacNN
The Maine Department of Education has selected Apple as the top-scoring bidder for the Maine Learning Technology Wireless Classroom Solution.

After Effects 5.5 Goes OS X Native, Adds Features
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
Multiple views, colored shadows, stained glass lighting, and the "Advanced 3D Rendered."


We didn't think we'd be giving it a five-star review, but that was before we gave the iPod a chance. Maybe you should, too.

Gorging On Gadgets
by Jason Krause, Chicago Tribune
The home PC becomes a digital hub, teaming up with new cameras, wireless networks and even cell phones.

Apple iPod Plays Amazing Sounds
by Mark kellner, Washington Times
It's tough to find too much to disapprove of with the iPod device, and — in case I didn't mention it — the sound is utterly amazing.

Postscript Printing A Major Bug In OS X
by Marten van de Kraats, Low End Mac
This is not something you would expect from the company that brought us the "desktop publishing revolution."

A Mac Christmas For 2001
by Gene Steinberg, Arizona Central
Your Mac holiday shopping list this year has a generous variety of offerings.


Monday, December 3, 2001
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Cameron Barret: You also have to admit that technologies like DVD, Windows Media Player, and RealVideo would not even be around had QuickTime never shipped.

Happy birthday, QuickTime.

Of all the "behind-the-scene" technologies inside Mac OS, QuickTime is my first love. Maybe because that's the very first project I worked on in my entire career. (It was a cross-platform multimedia library. I was handling the System 7 portion.)

Or maybe it was because I discovered, then in '94, how far ahead of Video for Windows. And, in fact, today in 2001, QuickTime ó the platform ó is still light years ahead of similiar offerings from Microsoft and Real.

I no longer do programming, let alone multimedia programming, for a living anymore. (Is that a good thing for me? I'd tell you in six months' time.) But, if I ever have to get back to programming full time, QuickTime would be one of my first choice.

Hey, anyone want to hire me to do some content management software for QuickTime media? :-)

QuickTime sessions were always among the most entertaining sessions in WWDC. I haven't been there (WWDC, i.e.) for a few years already. Any updates on the entertainment value, dear readers?

Some links for your reading pleasure:
QuickTime 1.0: "You Oughta Be In Pictures" by Guillermo A. Ortiz, in MacTech
QuickTime by TidBITS, Jul-91
QuickTime Rules by TidBITS, Jan-92
History & Peregrinations: The Dogcow Goes QuickTime VR, Apple's Tech Note TN1031


Doc Searls: Thanks both to sexy industrial design and a real Unix OS... this is a much deeper secret weapon than open source, because it's FUD-proof.

Geoff Allen: It's fun to have the coolest computer at a conferernce for geeks. And the TiBook connects to wireless networking easier than Windows and Linux.

So This Is 'IT'

Yeah, the one that Steve Jobs claims will change the world, where it doesn't have a fruity logo.

Marc Hedlund: Gyroscopes are cool and all, and I'm certainly in favor of less cars, but computing devices that require no learning and no interface — well, that's really neat.


KPMG, KPMG, KPMG, KPMG, KPMG, KPMG. Didn't you know that today is Link KPMG day?

Think Secret (rumor monger): No PowerMac G5 this coming Macworld, but G4s at 1.4 GHz.


Ximian Releases Outlook Clone For Linux
by Stephen Shankland, CNET
Ximian will do business the proprietary way with a new software package that lets Linux computers connect to Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Works To Lock Down .Net
by Dennis Fisher, eWeek
Microsoft is subjecting elements of its loosely defined .Net framework to unprecedented levels of scrutiny.

HP Seeks New Post-Merger Culture
by Stephen Shankland, ZDNet
HP executives may find that the toughest challenge in their acquisition of Compaq is purely philosophical.

Chip Maker Via Braces For Brawl With Intel
by Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News

Legal Heavyweights In HP Proxy Fight
by Michelle Quinn and Therese Poletti, San Jose Mercury News
Cases to be made in corporate drama.

Discounts Aid Sales Of New PC's
by Chris Gaither, New York Times
Computer makers and retailers prepared for the holiday by rolling out heavy price cuts and rebates.

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