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Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Top Stories

Apple's Time To Grow
by Nicole C. Wong, Washington Post
True to its contrarian style, Apple in recent months has had an entirely different idea about how to weather the economic downturn that has prompted its competitors to retrench and hunker down.

PowerPC G5 Redux
by Tony Smith, The Register
So, how likely is Apple to release the Power Mac G5 next January?


Innovator Finds Cash In A Crash
by David Lazarus, San Francisco Chronicle
DriveSavers boasts a 90 percent success rate in its data-recovery efforts and is seeing business grow by 15 percent per year.

State Picks Apple As Supplier Of Laptops
by Mark Shanahan, Portland Press Herald
"By being the first to do this on a statewide basis, we figured to get people willing to take a (financial) hit to work with us."

Winning Bid Would Put Apple iBooks On Seventh-Graders' Laps Next Fall
by David Sharp, Associated Press
Fudning remains a thorny issue amid projections of a downturn in state revenues in the coming year.


With Mac Dark Horse Take The Lead?
by Matthew Rotherberg, Interactive Week
This year, I suspect Macworld Expo will feed much-needed fuel to the market for this hardy minority platform.


Flat Monitors Cut Space, Heat
by Jeffery D. Zbar, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
This was the breakout year for flat panel monitors.

Find The Inner Auteur
by John Yaukey, Gannett News Service
Home digital moviemaking is finally ready for its close-up.


Tuesday, December 4, 2001
by Heng-Cheong Leong

This Whole Hide-Extension Mess

I wish Apple didn't have to resort to the "Hide Extension From Users" feature in order to make file extension user-friendly. Because this doesn't work.

Microsoft has added that feature years ago with Windows 95, and it simply didn't work. And I cannot believe that Microsoft doesn't have enough smart people to solve this problem.

So, why does Apple think they are better than Microsoft?

The whole idea of having file extensions, according to Apple, is to make transfer of files in and out of OS X (presumably to Windows :-) a better experience. But this whole idea of hiding file extensions will only make the experience worse. Changing your index.html to index.shtml for uploading to a web server will most likely result in the file index.shtml.html if you have Hide Extension feature turned on.

Don't hide file extensions. Use a different font size or color if you want to, but keep the extension visible. It won't be pretty, but that's the price you'd have to pay.

Yes, I do believe Apple has heard the message and see the mess loud and clear. It just that I'm not sure if the Apple engineers still believe they are smarter than Microsoft's.


Don't you ever wanted to pretend to be someone else (that you're not), and write an online diary / blog / journal built around this person?

Lando Clarissian: Go2Mac sources have assured us that the new LCD iMac... will be announced at [Macworld] San Franciso. Make that same prediction every Macworld Expo, and maybe someday, just maybe, it'll come true. And you'd look like a Mac Genius™.


'Goner' E-Mail Worm Strikes Hard
by Reuters
The worm is affecting users of Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express, as well as ICQ instant messenger and Internet Relay Chat.

States To Sharpen Claws In Microsoft Case
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
A group of nine states plans to propose stiff sanctions against Microsoft.

West Virgina Files A Separate Suit Against Microsoft
West Virginia has filed a new lawsuit against Microsoft in state court, alleging that the software giant violated the Mountain State's antitrust and consumer protection laws.

Microsoft Rebuttal
by International Herald Tribune
Laws bar licensing of code, software giant tells the EU.

Microsoft Resisting Licensing Of Its Code
by Paul Meller, New York Times
Microsoft is trying to head off demands that it give rivals licenses to use the basic code of its Windows operaing systems as a way of settling antitrust action against it in Europe.

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