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Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Top Stories

QuickTime Prepared To Make Its Comeback
by Evan Hansen and Paul Festa, CNET
The rights management question may be MPEG-4 and QuickTime's Achilles' heel, at least for now, as the market hinges on what formats content providers choose for their programming.

Final Cut Ready For X
by Macworld UK
FCP 3 is described by Apple as "the industry's first video-editing solution to deliver professional-quality, real-time effects without the addition of specialized hardware."


Woz's Dangerous Handheld Liaison
by Wired News
Wozniak will advise Danger Inc. in engineering and entrepreneurial matters.

M Balachandran New Country Manager Of Apple
by The Times Of India

Home, Sweet Wireless Home
by Kevin Maney and Michelle Kessler, USA Today
Wireless networks are getting cheap, realiable and simple enough to appeal to a mass market.

Laptop Deal Adds Political Leverage
by Paul Carrier, Portland Press Herald
The program has now gone from an abstraction to an emerging - and promising - way to give Maine students the learning tools they need.

Apple Releases Mac OS 9.2.2 Update
by MacNN
Improves Classic applicaiton compatibility in Mac OS X.

iDVD 2 Updated
by Macworld UK
The update "includes enhancements to the burning process, more accurate progress reporting and error notifications."

Final Cut Ready For X
by Macworld UK
FCP 3 is described by Apple as "the industry's first video-editing solution to deliver professional-quality, real-time effects without the addition of specialized hardware."


Living In A Windows World
by Alan Zisman, Low End Mac
It can be done, but it takes some effort.

Adventures With Eudora
by Charles W. Moore,
The current Eudora 5.1 beta for OS X still leaves quite a bit to be desired.

What To Buy Your Favorite Geek
by Kim Peterson, Union-Tribune
Apple has packed an amazing amount of capability into a package that's about the size of a deck of cards.

Accessibility On The Mac: Further Glimpses Of Paradise
by Joe Clark, TidBITS
The cnetral problem remains Apple, which simply is not taking the issue serious enough as a corporation.


Wednesday, December 5, 2001
by Heng-Cheong Leong

What's Next?

I don't care about flat-panel iMacs. (No going back after getting a PowerBook.) I don't care about faster G4/5s. (No extra cash lying around.)

What I want for my post-Christmas party is a web browser that doesn't sucks. Maybe it can be called iBrowse or iWeb or soemthing.

I don't want my web browser to obey my close windows without warning if it contains unsaved data, like when I'm filling up forms.

I don't want my web browser to choke and die — or simply make things difficult for me — when my number of bookmarks exceeds, say, one hundred.

I want my web browser to be able to keep track of what I've read, and easily and intelligently retrieve stuff that I want. For example, what was that web site that I read about something to do with technology experimentation last week, around Tuesday?

I want my web browser to be able to alert me that there is a new web page that I might be interested. Hey, MacFixIt reports that iTunes 2.0 will wipe your hard disk clean. Don't install that iTunes package that you've just installed.

I want my web browser to be able to tell me what's wrong with the HTML codes I wrote, and teaches me how to fix it so that the web page is usable to other browsers.

I want my web browser to, upon finding out that a favorite site has moved to a URL, automatically update my bookmark list.

I want my web browser to tell me which of my interested sites have been updated enough that I should pay another visit.

I want my web browser to show me the interesting stuff first, and then, if there's time, download the advertisements.

And, last but not least, I don't want my web browser to crash. Ever.


Dr Mac offers a free copy of his next book... and 15 minutes of fame (more or less).

What is worst than hiding file extension in Finder? Programs that automatically add file extensions without telling you.

I'm using Office 97 (on Windows), and is giving Microsoft a chance to prove the usefulness of Word's auto-formating. And I think I'm on the verge of giving up. Well, maybe subsequent versions, or maybe the Mac versions are better in guessing what I meant. Any ideas, people?


Bill Gates, CEO And... Ad Salesman?
by Reuters
Microsoft will call out its big gunt o pitch a select grouop of European advertising executives.

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