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Monday, December 10, 2001


Wilco Move Into A Future Age At Denver Tour Finale
by Sonicnet
Eschewing its status as an alt-country offshoot, the now Chicago-based band has embraced the tools of technoogy to create a swirling, atmospheric amalgam of noise.

Offering Indian Business An Apple A Day
by Beena Nandakumar, Peopleone
Naren S Ayyar, Managing director - Apple, India and SAARC countries, speaks about competition, the impact of the US economy slowdown on Apple India, nd the work culture at Apple.

Kids Use School Laptops To Download Porn
by Larry O'Dell, Associated Press
Pride over a deal to provide laptop computers to every high school student in a suburban district has turned to embarrassment after dozens of youngsters were found to have downloaded pornography.


Ricoh's Caplio Digital Camera Praised
by Larry Blasko, Associated Press
If Santa's feeling both flush and photogenic this year, a new digital camera by Ricoh is worth a look.

The Pod Plays On
by Christaylor, Time
Apple excels at this kind of so-simple-it's-brilliant stuff.

The iPod Experience: Does $400 Really Get You That Much Play?
by Remy Martin, MacEdition
I may not have put it through the most rigorous testing, but I believe I went through a lot of different scenarios to give an idea of what to expect, which is that everything you have read on the Internet is pretty much true.


Monday, December 10, 2001
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Is Salon getting desperate? It seems to be using almost every annoying on-line-advertisement tricks. Is it time to write them off?

What's next from Apple after iPod? I have no idea, but if it's a TiVo-like appliance without the subscription requirements, I'd be first in line.


Pocket PC Upgrade Missing Software
Some key software isn't included in the upgrade, and may never be released.

Microosft Shows Passport Users The Money
by Jim Hu anad Joe Wilcox, ZDNet
The program will doe out $20 rebates for each $100 spent using the online service, with total rebates capped at $100.

Get Out Of The MS Licensing Forest
by Jim Seymour, ZDNet
Focus on your business' needs, not Microsoft's.

Microsoft To Amend Schools Settlement Plan
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
The settlement could be altered to give schools more choices in how funds are used, and to support training.

Hewlett Chief Battles For Her Deal And Her Career
by Steve Lohr, New York Times
Facing unified opposition from the families, the largest merger in computer history is in danger of a humbling rebuff.

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