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Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Top Stories

Expect A Revolution Says Apple
by ComputerWeekly
Apple Computer has said it will unveil a new "innovative, revolutionary and different" device, fueling speculation that the compnay will introduce flat panel iMacs.


David Pogue Reviews Sharp's Tiny Laptop; Recommends Apple's TiBook
by Vern Seward, The Mac Observer
The reason is that Sharp sacrificed a lot to obtain the tiny footprint.

New Apple Store Coming To NJ
by MacNN

Cocoa Programming Book Published
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral

'Smart' Browser Ships For X
by Macworld UK
Surfboard 1.0 is an application that summarizes Web pages and searches for specific information.


Let's Kill The Hard Disk Icon
by Daniel Loebl, osOpinion
Multiple desktops make it easier to organize data nad add information about locations inside the computer.

Apple Owes Us
by Dan Knight, Low End Mac
Supporting the accelerated graphics chips hardwired into the older G3 models is the right thing to do.


Tales Of A BeOS Refugee
by Scot Hacker,


Tuesday, December 18, 2001
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Good To Be Nominated

This weblog has been nominated for Best Technology Weblog in Scripting News Awards 2001. The award is now open for voting.

If you cannot find the myapplemenu name in there, don't panic though. It is listed under its old name, AppleSurf.

Oh, and, by the way...

Cameron Barrett: These awards are a rather lame attempt by Dave Winer to shine some press on his company and their software.

From Be To X

This is a story of how a BeOS refugee (and not just everyone, but the author of the 'BeOS Bible' book) lost faith in the future of computing, resigned himself to Windows but found himself bored silly, tore out half his hair at the helm of a Linux box, then rediscovered the joy of computing in MacOSX.

And the Slashdot discussion.

Random Google Moments

Seth Ross: Jobs unveiled the NeXTStation, a compact pizza-box shaped unit [which] runs three times as fast as NeXT's original computer.


Apple engineeers must be doing something right, when clones of iTunes start to appear.

Sometimes, when working, it is really difficult to find one's rhythm. And once the rhythm is found, it's time for "artificial" activities such as lunch or going-home-or-risk-being-lectured-by-wife. Sigh.


For some unknown reasons, I am feeling a "general sense of sadness" today. I do admit that there are quite a fair bit of things that will cause sadness in me, but I also do have quite another fair bit of stuff that I'm thankful for. It's just, for some reasons, the sadness won today.

What do you, my dear readers, do when you are feeling sad? Buy chocolate? Buy anything? Go for a walk? Go to the sea? Anything unusual that I can try tonight after work?

Somehow, I don't think I want to blog too much tonight.


Loving Bill Gates To Death
by Michael S. Malone, Forbes ASAP
If you want to trip up the Devil, start with a big, warm embrace.

PlayStation 2 Holds Slight Edge In Sales Over Xbox
by Alex Pham, Los Angeles Times
Reports finds Sony has been better able to meet demand than rivals Microsoft and Nintendo.

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