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Friday, December 21, 2001


School Board Duel Erupts Over Laptops
by Michael Erskine, GoMemphis
"This is not a toy. This is a tool." "That's a crock."

Buzzle In Liquidation
by Byron Connolly, CRN
Failed Apple reseller consortium Buzzle has been placed in provisional liqudiation by the Supreme Court of NSW.

Apple Posts PowerBook Firmware Update
by Jim Darlymple, MacCentral's 'Spiderman' Movie Trailer A Huge Hit
by Reuters


Apple's FireWire To Go Wireless At 5GHz
by Kelly McNeill, osOpinion
The promising new GigaWire standard could lead to innovative products that will blow past all other networking technologies on the market today.


Tech Gizmos In The Spotlight
by John Morris and Josh Taylor, ZDNet
Attenion, Mac lowers: It's finally your turn in the digital audio spotlight.

OS X Server 10.1 Is No Laughing Matter
by Jim Rapoza, eWEEK
We found that the Mac-based GUI management tools provided much easier administration than did the Unix-based versions of these tools.

PowerBook G4 Is Top Suggested Gift
by Mark Kellner, Washington Times
When creativity seems a lost art, I gotta give Apple high marks for the PowerBook G4.


Friday, December 21, 2001
by Heng-Cheong Leong


There's not enough free native e-mail client for OS X. Well, at least not for me. That last OS update trashed my Eudora Beta is flacky and does not have a good interface. While Netscape has a horrible interface.

Please do e-mail me if there are other freeware e-mail client out there that I missed.


Crazy Apple Rumors Site: January 7th keynote to be a repeat. Apple to re-introduce iPod.

Well, even Microsoft needs a second chance to tell the time correctly.

Is Xerox coming after Steve Jobs next?


Microsoft Seeks Antitrust Hearing Delay
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Microsoft asked to extend by another four months the scheduled date for a remedy hearing.

HP Goes On Offensive
by Benjamin Pimentel, San Francisco Chronicle
Ad, letter to shareholders defend Compaq bid.

Microsoft Schools Settlement Decision Held Until 2002
by Reuters
A US judge says he will give Microsoft and attorneys more time to negotiate a compromise with dissenters.

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