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Friday, December 28, 2001


Economy Takes Bite Out Of Apple
by Lisa Gill and Robyn Weisman, NewsFactor
Apple noted that among the factor sthat threaten the future of its retail stores are consumer acceptance and the ability to attract new Mac users.

Year In Review: X Marks The Spot
What is it about the letter X?

Palm Gives OS X A Thumbs Up
by David Becker, ZDNet
Mac OS X can finally speak directly to Palm handhelds.


Sweet Exec Deals Sour Apple's Image
by Glenn Curtis,
It would have been nice to see the company hold off on such sweet deals — at least until the ship is clearly righted.


Happy Holidays, And A Simply Productive New Year
by Sharlene Myers,
If you have someone on your Christmas list who's determined to get stuff done, or if you've made a resolution for a more productive New Year, then check out this list of what you can get for less than $200.

Teh Mac OS X Loose Ends
by Damien Gallop, MacWrite

Choice Shareware Programs Improve Upon Mac OS X
by Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle
Here are three programs I not only recommend, but use, a million times a day.

A Mac OS Innocent In Linux Land
by Charles W. Moore,
If you want the stability and power of Unix without (msot of) the hassle, be thankful for OS X.

Dual Duel
by Luke Hones,


Friday, December 28, 2001
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Brent Ashley: Microsoft will stop being a bully and a brat on the day when people show them that they will lose business unless they smarten up and stop treating us like cattle. We're not cattle. We refuse to have you steer us to your abbatoir. I'm busitn' out of this corral. Who's coming with me?

Walter S. Mossberg: Microsoft has good year, at expense of customers.


Can MacSurfer make up its mind on whether it want to tag a post-date to its headlines? :-)

Brent Simmons: We've entered the age where email is no longer reliable... Virus catchers, black hole lists, and spam filters set up by your ISP, your office email server, and probably by you. These filters aren't perfect. You will miss some email.

If you e-mail me, and didn't get a response from me, chances are, I've deleted your e-mail without reading. I do have tons of rules in my Eudora. And even though the rules don't delete any e-mail, they do put them into separate folders which I glance over. And sometimes, I do get tired, and misses mail. Damn spam.

The Seven Wonders of the Web: Google, Yahoo!, Project Gutenberg, Multimap, Ebay, Amazon, and Blogger.

Joe Barr, prediction for 2002: At least one global megacrop will announce a complete migration away from all Microsoft platforms to an interoperable mix of Unix, Mac and Linux platforms.

Bruce A. Epstein: I finally understand gardening. Like a programmer creating a virtual world, you get to make life and death decisions.


Will Microsoft's Passport Net Success?
by Sriram Seshan, ZDNet
What businesses certainly will not like is Microsoft using its clout to dictate to them from a position of power.

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