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Friday, January 4, 2002

Top Stories

Bet On The iDock
by Dave Winer, DaveNet
The tea-leaves say that Jobs got wind of Bill Gates' keynote topic. Ooops, that's our market. "Better rev up the PR engine."

BBC Drops QuickTime News Feed
by MacNN
This is a major PR fiasco for Apple on the eve of MWSF.

Making Money On The Mac
by Apple
Before the EU could issue new money, it first had to design it.


Apple Promises Products 'Way Beyond' Rumors
by Reuters
Apple fans are salivating, even if they are wary of the hype.

Is Apple's PDA A Ghost Of A Machine?
Rumour sites does their best to steal Jobs' thunder.


Macworld Expo 2002 - The Hype Vs The Hooey
by Kelly McNeill, osOpinion
To think that Apple is the one responsible for overhyping Macworld Expos when we have wild speculations kind of puts things in perspective.

Is Apple Poised To Merge The iMac And iBook?
by Charles W. Moore,
Logically speaking, once you go to LCD screens on the iMac, the hardware distinction between it and the portable Macs is substantially diminished.


Collaborating With Office X For Mac
by Troy Dreier, Intranet Journal
Office v. X is a useful, perhaps indispensable tool for Mac business professionals, but for real team features, you'll need to wait a year or two.

Copying Audio CDs On The iBook
by Peter Wiggin, O'Reilly Network
Copying an audio CD on OS X seems like it should be as easy as drag and drop, but it appears to be just a drag.

Virtual PC 5.0
by Alan Zisman, Low End Mac
If you really need a special-purpose PC application or two, Virtual PC may keep that big ugly beige box off your desk.

Turns Out The CD Is Not Exactly Today's Floppy
by Henry Norr, Sn Francisco Chronicle
Wasn't it Steve Jobs who said the CD is today's floppy? That's exactly what I want, but not what Apple's software delivers.


Friday, January 4, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

The Expo Fever

Dave Winer: How unfair is it for Apple to play hardball with the rumor sites, but then use them in their marketing.

Tom Negrino: Jean-Louis Gassee... just quit Be a couple of days ago. Could it be he heard the news and decided that he didn't want to work for Steve again?

Not The Apple Home Page: 2 days to Macworld San Francisco. The only significant thing that will occur during your pathetic lifetime.

Crazy Apple Rumors Site: Apple to introduce sexbots at Macworld San Francisco Keynote on January 7th.

Damien A. Barrett: What is clear is that the Mac community is frothing at the mouth about this Expo.


Dan Gillmor: Sooner or later, I hope, Apple will give third-party programmers the information they need to let me customize the UI shell to my liking, not Steve Jobs' dictates.

Andrew Orlowski: In fact we have to conclude that with OS X, you're buying Apple in spite of the user interface, not because of it.

Doc Searls: OS X must be a hit, because there's a sudden backlash against it.


Anybody care to nominate this site in the 2002 bloggies award? :-)

An Apple A Day: Steve's AppleScript Studio Site.

Leo Laporte: It's one of the reasons I'm using OS X more and more. I'm just plain afraid of Windows XP!


Intel Breaks Out Of 2001 Doldrums
by Edward Moyer, CNET
Intel closed 2001 on a high note, thanks to unexpectedly large demand for its chips.

Microsoft Memo To Staff: Clobber Linux
by Byron Acohido, USA Today

PC Vendors Ready 2.2GHz Pentium 4 Systems
by Dan Neel and Douglas F. Gray, InfoWorld
PC makers are prepping computer systems loaded with Intel's new 2.2GHz Pentium 4 processor.

Consumer Electronics Show: Have Monitor, Will Travel
by Ephraim Schwartz, InfoWorld
Bill Gates will demonstrate the AirPanel 150, a flat-panel wireless monitor from viewsonic that allows users to carry it from room to room.

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