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Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Top Stories

iMac Blowback
by Michael S. Malone, Forbes
Is Jobs the new Raymond Loewy?


iMad About iMac
by Richard Lim, Straits Times

Adobe Uses Metrowerks For Mac/Windows Transfer
by Austin Business Journal
Metrowerk's PowerPlant for Windows will allow Mac developers to create Windows applications with a smaller memory footprint.

Technically Speaking, Future Is Now: Macworld Apple Hopes Flat-Screen iMac Lights Up Sale
by Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times

Apple's Pricey Music Player Wins Following
by Elinor Mills Abreu, Reuters
iPod buyers are willing to pay a premium for a small form factor and large storage capacity, analysts said.

PC Not Dead Yet: Apple, Microsoft
by Robert Thompson, Financial Post
The news came from two competing technology showcases.

It's Faster, Sleeker, Cooler At Trade Shows Headlined By Microsoft, Apple
by Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Dueling trade shows, devices and announcements were the order of the day.

Apple's New iMac: Team Develops Unique Ideas
by Henry Norr, San Francisco Chronicle
Steve Jobs and his design team yesterday proved once again that they can come up with ideas no one else has — no one at the dozens of Web sites that specializ in speculation and, it seems no one in the PC industry.

Praise Be To Steve Jobs
by Katharine Mieszkowski, Salon
I'm ready to believe anything now that I've seen Jobs get Apple's most loyal acolytes to applause for Microsoft on command.

Apple Bets On Unorthodox iMac To Bolster Its Once-Popular PC
by John Markoff, New York Times
Industrial designers today generally reacted favorably to the fact that Mr. Jobs has continued to explore the question of what a personal computer should look like.


Apple's Aqua To Trigger A Consumer Backlash?
by Jared White, osOpinion
Why is there still such a wide rift between OS X fans and OS X critics?

Will Apple Roll Out New High-End G5s In March?
by Kelly mcNeill, osOpinion
With the one big introduction that was made, Apple's entire line of high-end desktop computer suddenly made little sense.


Tuesday, January 8, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong


What's the point of having folders such as "My Pictures" and previews in the Finder, when applications like iPhoto littered it with so much "junks" that I don't know where my photo goes?

iTunes is so much better...

If the whole idea of iPhoto is the ability to organize digital photos better, maybe integration with the Finder is a better way to go?

Or maybe, the whole point with all these iApps and the Dock, is that your average Macintosh digital hub user does not even need to use the Finder at all?

iMac 2

Doc Searls: The new iMac is much more beautiful than it comes across on the small screen, or in the Time Magazine piece.

Derrick Story: iMac is going to be a home run.

James Davidson: The new iMac is really cool. No, scratch that. It's really really cool.

Jason Levine: The Apple Cube was a miserable failure, and that was during times when geek money flowed in the streets. This new computer doesn't seem to add anything by itself...

MediaNews reader: If [Time was] holding back so that Steve Jobs can make his now-blown (iMac) announcement at noon eastern, wouldn't that be an awfully huge leap across the line of journalistic integrity? Especially considering Apple is a big advertiser in time.

Daniel Drew Turner, Ziff-Davis Internet: My guess is that TIme agreed to [a Non-Disclosure Agreeement]... normal for a print mag with such a lead time. However, altering the schedule of Web publication or pulling an article, I can't say much about. I do know that the immediacy of Web publishing has played havoc with the way things were.

The real MacHeads. :-)

Another early leak? :-)

What's the reason that the power switch of the new iMac is at the back of the machine? Maybe it's Apple's way of telling you that, you don't shut down OS X.

Power Macs

Anonymous reader in Scripting News: My local Apple dealer... noticed three new SKUs in Distributors' catalog without descriptions. Only pricing. We think there is more to come at CES.

My speculation is that there have to be upgrades to the Power Mac line within the next two months. The specification of the new iMacs is really preceived to be quite close to the current Power Macs that Apple might have a problem selling the latter.

Perhaps the dual-processor aspect will be more emphasised should Motorola fail to advance the PowerPC chips, with Photoshop being the major upcoming application to take up all these power.


Is it not time to abandon Microsoft's IE on Windows, and use something like Opera or Netscape? (I always feel hesistant to recommend Netscape because of all the UI violation it makes on all platforms.)

I see that the RDF is alive and well over at Userland too.

What happened to the idea of more computers == shorter working hours?


AMD Combats 'Megahertz Myth' With Athlon XP 2000+
by Drew Cullen, The Register
The megahertz gap is set to widen, but AMD has two tactics to level the playing field.

How MS Tax Policy Saves Gates Millions - Nader
by John Lettice, The Register
Nander described Microsoft's failure to pay shareholder dividends an "inappropriate and we believe unlawful device."

Our Microsoft, Right Or Wrong?
by Ted C. Fishman, USA Today
The justice system and politicans now seem to regard corporate bullies as our new national mascots.

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