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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Top Stories

Apple Drops On-Site Service From One-Year Warranty
by MacMinute
The dramatic change in policy affects only warranties of products announced beginning this year.

X Photoshop Delay 'Not Deliberate'
by Johnny Evans, Macworld UK
Adobe has denied it is deliberately delaying an OS X version of Photoshop because of a strained relationship with Apple.


Security-Conscious Groups Ban Wi-Fi
by Michelle Kesller, USA Today
Wi-Fi is being banned from some high-tech institutions because of security concerns.

Sony's Producer Outlines Mac Support
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
"There are 35 free games on the service right now, and by the time we're done making those all Mac compatible, we'll have even more."

iCab 2.7.1: Maintenance Release To Browser
by MacNN

Laptop Foe Cites Abuse In Virginia
by Ruth-Ellen Cohen, Bangor Daily News
Maine has foreseen many of the problems, and has required "some pretty significant commitments" in the final contract with Apple.

HyperCard Stacks Native On OS X: Hail The Revolution!
by Steve Setzer, Stepwise
Do you have HyperCard or Supercard stacks that you are tired of running in Classic mode?

Avid Xpress DV Coming To Mac OS X
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
Avid Xpress DV is the company's solution for non-linear editing.

Cookie Monster Bites Netscape And Mozilla Users
by John Leyden, The Register
Masquerade risk unmasked

Laptop Scheme Promises To Deliver
by BBC News
The initiative has been called the biggest ever single schools computer purchase - but there are concerns that such projects are too expensive.


Hey, Apple! Guess What? Inside Mater, Too
by Stephan Somogyi, ZDNet
Apple's hardware product lines are understandably smaller than the cumulative options available in the competing Windows camp. However, this smaller palette to choose from should also bring with it a greater commitment to quality and reliability.

Will Microsoft Pull The Plug On Apple?
by David Coursey, ZDNet
Microsoft needs to go even further and expand its Mac OS support, because aside from Office, Microsoft's Mac support, well, sucks.

Short Take: Whore Or Prostitute? Mac Web Can Sell Its Soul & Stay True, Too
by Rodney O. Lain, The Mac Observer
The Mac Web has no choice but to "grow or go." — and growing costs money while going doesn't.

Would We Really Want Apple To Dominate The Computer Market?
by Charles W. Moore, Low End Mac
I believe that there is nothing to apologize for in the pursuit of excellence and the maintenance of standards.

An Objective Look At The State Of The Mac
by John Jerney, Daily Yomiuri
"There are some fundmental things that made the Mac the productive place that it was, and some of those features have either been taken away, or are in the process of being taken away."


Apple iPod
by James Harding,
If you're an Apple fanatic, iPod is the perfect personal stereo.

Jeopardy 2
by Bill Stiteler,
Jeopardy 2 captures wonderfully the flavor of a hit game show and makes it fun to play at home, too.


Tuesday, January 29, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Did you know that Ian McKellen, the wizard Gandalf the Grey in "Lord of the Rings", is another fellow Mac user? Although, he admits, he can't tell you what kind of car he drives.


States Pushed To Examine Passport
by Reuters
A privacy group on Tuesday asked state law enforcement authorities to examine Microsoft's Passport online identity service, saying it exposes consumers to fraud, junk electronic mail and identity theft.

Experts Lend Opinions On Microsoft
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe

Dell CFO Sees Stable PC Demand, Won't Call Recovery
by Reuters
Demand for PC appears to be stabilizing after falling for about two years, although when sales will actually pick up is not clear.

Microsoft, Opponents Make Cases To Judge
by Jonathan Krim, Washington Post
Efforts to sway the federal judge handling the Microsoft antitrust case played out in a public campaign yesterday as the company and its rivals released thick reports, cited prominent legal and economic names, and skirmished over lobbying tactics.

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