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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Top Stories

Future Boy: The Apple Touch
by Erick Schonfeld, Business 2.0
The company's deep talent lies in making technology that's easy to love — which is exactly what the digital world needs now.


Free Office Alternative Is Open
by MacUser
Mac OS X users can soon look forward to a free-of-charge altnerative to Microsoft Office, thanks to the efforts of open source developers.

Microsoft, Apple Brew Up
by Globe and Mail
The new site for Mac-using professionals is part of The Chemistry Project - a Canadian program that explores and promotes good hcemistry between the two companies, and Mac owners.

Apple Fans Anticipate New York Macworld
by Ben Wilson, NewsFactor
According to Macworld organizer IDG Expo, the show has already 'significantly surpassed Seybold, PC Expo and Internet World in New York.'


Those Still Living In Pre-OS-X World Need To ëLet It Go,í Cuz All Our Mac Belong To Unix
by Rodney O. Lain, The Mac Observer


Mac OS X - The Missing Manual
by Eugenia Loli-Queru, OSNews
If you are not the Ultimate Power User or a "hacker", this book is for you.


Tuesday, March 12, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Cameron Barrett: Almost every single Mac I've seen in use [at SXSW] has been running Mac OS X.

An Apple A Day: - Mac OS X deployment in higher education.


Intel Launches Xeon MP
by George A. Chidi, InfoWorld
Intel launched the long-awaited design for low-end multiprocessor servers.

Ballmer: Microsoft Wants To Be Trustworthy
Steve Ballmer attempted to build bridges with governments and industry rivals on Tuesday when he said Microsoft aspired to become a responsible industry leader.

Buffer Overflow Opens Windows
by James Middleton,
A buffer overflow vunlerability in the Windows shell could lead to the execution of malicious code with privileges of the logged in user.

Microsoft Makes Changes To Address European Concerns
by Reuters
Microsoft said it would open up some information that the European Commission alleged it unfarily kept secret to make life tough for rivals.

Intel Demos First Ultrawideband Wireless
by Rupert Goodwins, ZDNet UK
Intel gave the first demonstration of a radical radio technology that should allow up to 500mbps to be transmitted in 'steerable' beams.

PC Still Beige, And Butt-Ugly
by Chris Barton, New Zealand Hearld
I was hoping for something surprising, even stunning, in the lineup of new "concept PCs" at the Intel Developer Forum. I was disappointed.

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