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Sunday, March 17, 2002

Top Stories

Paul Smith Meets The New iMac
by Jeannie Swales, Apple
Paul Smith, one of the world's top fashion designers, explains why he has been bowled over by the product he describes as "the perfect modern design".

Apple's New iMac: Hype Versus Reality
by Stephen Manes, Forbes
Does it now make sense for longtime Windows sheep to join the Mac flock? A rational comparison is in order.


Apple Out-Performs Competitors As It Moves Into Research Arena
by AME Info
In a marked display of its powerful ability, Apple's fastest machine yet, the PowerPC G4, has now made its presence known in the biotechnology arena.

With New Software Boxes, Smaller Is Better
by Gene Emery, Reuters
We're in the midst of a small revolution in the way computer software is packaged — and it's about time.

Design-It-Yourself Skis And Snowboards
by Barbara Gibson, Apple
"There's always a use for the Mac. We never get rid of them."

Pocket Playback
by Kip Crosby, Forbes
Tracking the evolution of take-out tunes.

Apple Updates AirPort BaseStation Firmware
by MacNN
Apple has released an AirPort Graphite Basestation 3.84 firmware update which addresses a DHCP lease issue when used on the Comcast and Rogers cable networks.

Where Music Will Be Coming From
by Kevin Kelly, New York Times
There is no music made today that has not been shaped by the fact of recording and duplication.

In Case Of Theft, Your Mac Can PhoneHome
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
A new security software application called PC PhoneHome that tracks and locates missing Macs.

Teachers Get Hands-On Experience With New Laptops
by Lindsay Tice, Lewiston Sun Journal
"I'm amazed with what I'll be able to do with this."


How Trade-Ins Could Grow Apple's Market
by Adam Robert Guha, Low End Mac


iTunes 2.0
by Jonathan Seff, Macworld
With its new features, iTunes 2.0.3 has become a fully capable MP3 player, encoder, and jukebox.

Mac OS X: The Missing Manual
by Gary Coyne,
There is a lot of great information contained therein.


Sunday, March 17, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

I'm back in Singapore... Now, catching up with my e-mails and all the Mac news...


Ruling Questions Protected Use Of The Name 'Windows'
by Dan RIchman, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
In a narrow, preliminary ruling, a judge wrote that there are "serious questions regarding whether 'Windows' is a non-generic name and thus eligible for the protections of federal trademark law."

Comptuer Merger Faces Final Yea/Nay
by Andy Vuong, Denver Post
HP, Compaq investors vote this week.

Microsoft Heads Back To Court
by BBC News
The nine states want to see pre-emptive action to restrain Microsoft rather than merely redress for the company's past misdeeds.

Microsoft Case Enters Crucial Penalty Phase
by Joseph Menn, Los Angeles Times

Microsoft Should Be Punished
by J.J. Gifford, Salon
The feds failed to order a breakup when it could have done some good. Now, based on the government's findings, Sun, Netscape and Be are suing — with good reason.

States Say They Can Seek Own Microsoft Sanctions
by Reuters
The nine states still pursuing the Microsoft antitrust case told a federal judge on Friday that they have "long and clearly established" authority to seek their own sanctions against the company.

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