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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Top Stories

At 13, He's At Helm Of School Newscast
by Tanika White, Baltimore Sun
An imaginative eight-grader uses his proficiency with computers and the latest video technology to create another way to geet his school newsletter home to parents each week.


What's Next For OS X?
by Christopher Breen, Macworld
Apple's new operating system has made great strides, but more work is still needed.

Rising Component Costs May Eat At Apple Margins
by David Akin, The Globe And Mail
But most analysts agree the computer maker is still a 'buy'.

Want A Windows iPod? It's Easy
by Ben Berkowitz, Reuters
Apple's reticence has not stopped a legion of enthusiasts — professional software companies to college kids — from making their own software to solve the compatibility problem.

Tech Firms Take Their Wares To Hollywood
by Matt Krantz, USA Today
With telecom tanking and most firms still pinching pennies, tech firms are looking elsewhere to sell their wares. Some hope Hollywood is the answer.


Apple Rotten Says Former CEO Wannabe
by Michael Murdock,

OS X A Superb Successor
by Eric Schwarz, Low End Mac
Mac OS X is now almost as easy to use as OS 9, but it is many times more stable.

Thoughts On The iMac Price Hike
by Charles W. Moore, Low End Mac
People who waste their energy getting outraged by a price increase on a commodity ought to get a life.


Hard-Drivin' Tunes
by James L Kim, TechTV
Even with its minor faults, the iPod gets the nod as the best hard-drive MP3 player.


Tuesday, March 26, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

If you look beyond Gwyneth Paltrow and her, well, costume, you can actually see Steve Jobs at the Oscars.

Making the rounds... The new agency Federal Air Transportation Airport Security Service has a really bad acroymn.

Rumormonger: Digital camera from Apple.


Judge Asks DOJ: Can States Persist?
by Reuters
The judge in the case has invited DOJ to comment on whether states seeking harsher penalties against Microsoft have a right to pursue the case.

Is It Finally The Year Of The Tablet PC?
by John Morris and Josh Taylor, ZDNet

Microsoft Seeks To Discredit Gateway Witness
by Peter Kaplan, Reuters
Gateway executive was biased because AOL Time Warner holds a large chunk of the computer maker's stock.

Microsoft Said To Enhance PC Influence In Settlement
by Reuters
The government's proposed antitrust settlement with Microsoft has allowed the company to impose onerous new licensing terms on computer makers, said Gateway.

New Windows "Filesystem" A Threat To Open Source
by James Treleaven,
So Microosft wants to get rid of application files (such as MS Word doc files) and store everything in a database.

Sun's Catch-22
by Daryl Plummer, Gartner Viewpoint
Although Sun has had remarkable successes with Java, those victories have not translated into revenue.

Microsoft Sued Over E-commerce Patent
by James Niccolai, InfoWorld
Online services company Network Commerce has been awarded a trial date in its patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft.

Microsoft Amends Earnings Statement
by Associated Press
Software giant blames clerical error in reporting revenue.

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