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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Top Stories

iMovie Gives Students The Write Stuff
by Apple
If a picture's worth a thousand words, imagine what a movie is worth.

Apple: Looking For A Few Good Converts
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Apple hopes to gain valuable marketing information it can put toward luring people away from Microsoft's omnipresent operating system.


Software Of Their Dreams
by Radha Basu, Computer Times Singapore
Creative artistes and independent film-makers in Singapore are turning to Apple solutions to support their work.

Mac OS X Vs. Windows XP
by Seng Li Peng,
Decision-makers in the content-creation industry have to anticipate how Microsoft's and Apple's strategies in the future will affect the platform they choose now.

For King's Laptop Dream, Perseverance Paid Off
by Bonnie Washuk, Lewiston Sun Journal
After two years of wrangling with opposition, he won approval for $25 million to pay for laptop computers for every seventh- and eighth-grader in Maine public schools.

iMac Delays Linked To Firmware Glitch
by Mike Hirschkorn, MacUser UK
Sources have indicated that the firmware issue was only one of a host of problems which combined to cause the delays.

Mac OS X Gets Backup
by ZDNet
Dantz Development announced the release of backup software tailored for Apple's Mac OS X.

Next Gen Bootlegging With iPod
by David Stevenson, TechTV

Apple In Hot Pursuit Of Buzzle Pair
by Kirsty Needham and Anne Lampe, The Age
Apple, which is owed close to $25 million, called the receivers on Buzzle.

Apple Updates AirPort Card Offering
by MacMinute

Industry Sings MPEG-4 Harmony
by Gwendolyn Mariano, ZDNet
An Internet streaming group on Tuesday endorsed a licensing plan for MPEG-4 audio compression, sidestepping controversy that has erupted around a highly anticipated sister video technology put forward as part of a proposed digital media standard.

A Fresher Linux For Macs
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
One button madness

iMovie Gives Students The Write Stuff
by Apple
If a picture's worth a thousand words, imagine what a movie is worth.

Alan Moulder On The Digital Studio
by Stephanie Jorgl, Apple


Think You Need A New PC? Here's Why You Don't
by Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

Playing The Game Of Hype
by Stephen Van Esch, Low End Mac
Yes, Apple has created a product that almost sells itself. It's useless, though, if it remains vaporware for customers.

Apple's Hot New Market: PC Converts
by Charles Haddad, BusinessWeek
The new iMac is luring crossover buyers like never before, and that should help Jobs & Co. do well despite the industry's suffering.


Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
by Bill Stiteler,
This is certainly the most all-out fun game to come down the pike in quite a while.


Wednesday, March 27, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Microsoft poised to ship Windows 2000? Hello? Somebody's CMS is not working correctly.

And somebody over at Macsurfer is not working well too, by picking up this story. :-)


Price Cuts Ahead For Mobile Pentium 4
by Michael Kanellos, CNET
A mobile version of the Pentium 4 processor came out just this month, and already it appears that discounts are in the chip's future.

Xbox Sales Seen Missing Target
by David Becker, CNET
Microsoft is unlikely to meet current sales targets, owing to weak sales in Japan and Europe.

Eric Raymond: Microsoft Could Have Killed Linux
by Matthew Broersma, ZDNet UK
Linux and the open-source movement could have been thwarted if Microsoft had launched its propaganda campaign early enough.

Microsoft Makes A College Try
by Tiffany Kary, CNET
Spooked by the growing popularity of Linux and Java, Microsoft is opening up its source code to up-and-coming programmers on college campuses.

Microsoft Judge Opens Door To Broader Remedy
by Peter Kaplan, Reuters
U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly wants to know more about new computer technologies such as handheld devices to determine whether sancations against Microsoft should cover these items.

Write Once, Sue Many II
by Steve Gillmor, InfoWorld
Sun's commitment to preserving customer and developer choice through litigation, loopholes, and legislation rivals Microsoft's prior work in the field.

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