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Friday, March 29, 2002


City Students Showcase Technology
by Laura Kennedy, Middletown Press
"It's just amazing what the kids have done."

Getting Fired Up About FireWire
by Jim Heid, Los Ageles Times
If your PC doesn't contain FireWire ports, you're missing out on the most widely used high-speed connection scheme available.

Portraits & Prints Beefs Up iPhoto Support
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral

Apple Uses Second Vendor For LCD Screens
by MacNN
HannStar Display has received new 15-inch LCD panel orders for Apple's new iMac.

Alias|Wavefront Slashes Maya Pricing
by Macworld UK
Maya Complete will be reduced from US$7,500 to $1,999, while Maya Unlimited will be reduced from $16,000 to $6,999.

Can The Mac Every Catch Up
by Robyn Weisman, NewsFactor
Although few expect Apple to make huge inroads, several analysts have projected that the company could increase its market share by anywhere from 1 percent to more than double its present share.


The Macworld Bonus
by Tim Nash, Low End Mac
Apple's announcements at Macworld Tokyo should mostly encourage investors, Mac users.

Multiplatform iPod On The Horizon
by Kelly McNeill, osOpinion
If you've hestiated to purchase an iPod in the past because your OS was not compatible with it, you might want to take another look.

Why Apple Should Release A PDA - And Why It Won't
by Gary Rogers, osOpinion
The problem is that Apple can't enter the PDA market without stepping on the toes of other companies — big companies — or of its own software developers.


OS X: A Year Later
by Philip Michaels, Macworld
Performance improvements, developer support mark operating system's first year.

All About Action
by Peter Cohen, Macworld
Deimos Rising offers some classic, albeit occasionally frustrating, Mac arcade-game action. Spider-Man may have a few flaws, but it's still superfun for lovers of this comic-book superhero.

Mac OS X - Sucks Less
by Scott McCarty, Graphic Power
iPhoto was the straw that broke the Mac OS 9 camel's back.

iPod Redux
by Ari Weinberg, Forbes
The newest version does little to dminish the applause, but it's not yet deserving of a standing ovation.


Friday, March 29, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Celine Dion's CD copy protection will break your SuperDrive, including the firmware.

mattdm: I have a coworker whose girlfriend gave him an iPod for Christmas, so he promptly went out and bought a new Titanium Powerbook.


Dell Prices Take A New Turn
by John G Spooner, CNET
Dell has slowed its price cuts in recent months because of component price increases, and some say it has even raised prices within certain segments of its product line.

Faster Pentium 4 Desktop Chips On Tap
by Michael Kanellos, CNET
Intel will bring out a new, faster version of the Pentuim 4 for desktops next week, and chipsets and other technology for improving overall PC performance and cutting costs will pur out over the next two months.

Novell: We Offered Trade-Off To Microsoft
by Reuters
A Novell executive once offered to help Microsoft fend off the antitrust case if Microsoft would help Novell's networking software work better with Windows.

Win XP Pro With .NET Server Performance? Forget It...
by The Register
Windows.NET Server's visual performance is beyond lacking.

Linux And Office: What A Concept
by Michelle Delio, Wired News
With Codeweaver's CrossOver Office, Linux users can install and use Microsoft Office on their PCs without the Windows operating system.

Unisys, Microsoft To Launch Anti-Unix Ads
by Stephen Shankland, CNET
The 18-month project will include advertisements, technical sales efforts and other marketing work plugging Unisys' high-end server and Microsoft's top-end version of Windows.

Walter Hewlett Sues To Block Compaq Deal
by Caroline Humer and Peter Henderson, Reuters
Charged that HP management bought votes and misled a key adviser.

Dell, Gateway Notebooks May Lighten Up
by Richard Shim, CNET
Dell and Gateway are expected to launch new ultra-portable notebooks next month, sources said.

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