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Tuesday, April 9, 2002


Get In The Game With CyberExtruder
by Brad Cook, Apple
"With the new [iMacs] and Mac OS X, the sky's the limit [for Mac games]."

It's All Apples For Intrepid Five's Trip
by David Frith, The Barrow
Welcome to the sometimes murky world of IT sponsorship.

Recordable DVD Takes Positive Spin
by Jefferson Graham, USA Today
The revolution may not be too long in coming.

Apple Software Adds Finishing Touches To Films
by Hollywood Reporter
Apple's interest in becoming a serious contender in the world of film editing and postproduction became more fully realized.

DVD Diaspora: In Search Of A Standard High-Capacity Disc
by Neil McAllister, SF Gate
Work on the next generation of DVD technology has already begun, but a tangled morass of competing formats leaves the future of the medium uncertain.


Apple's New Options Grant A Bad Trip
by Graef Crystal, Bloomberg
Directors just can't say "no" to monster option grants even if they don't seem to work.

.NET For Mac OS X?
by Brian Jepson, O'Reilly Network


Indispensable OS X Wares
by Steve Watkins, Low End Mac

Dreamweaver 4 Fireworks 4 Studio
by Kirk Hiner,
Working with any other visual HTML editor just seems a waste of time.


Tuesday, April 9, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Welcome to Singapore.NET! Horror, horror, horror.

Dan Gillmor: One of Microsoft's core strategies, to delay and delay until any remedy is meaingless, looks more effective by the day.

Joel Spolsky: Remember, kids, the trouble with the "everyone only uses 20% of the features" myth is that everybody uses a slightly different 20%, and the journalist who has to review your exciting new BloatFreeWrite has been told to write a 250 word story.


HP Gives Staff Details On Post-Merger Jobs
by Ian Fried, CNET

IDA, Microsoft Ink Web-Services Deal
by Straits Times
An agreement between the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and software giant Microsoft kick-starts a two-year venture to promote a range of community-based web services in Singapore.

Rick Belluzzo: Why I Left Microsoft
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Microsoft's outgoing president says he wants to be in charge. He tells what it was like to be in the middle - between Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Anti-Trustworthy Computing
by Paul Boutin, Salon
Microsoft's new security drive aims to appease Hollywood, comfort consumers and reinvigorate the PC. But will the price for such safety be too high?

Microsoft Sued Over Upgrade Programme
by Joe Wilcox and Michael Kanellos, CNET
Microsoft's Software Assurance programme forces users to upgrade more often than they otherwise would, according to a lawsuit filed in New Zealand.

Compaq Says It Will Meet Or Beat Estimates
by Reuters

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