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Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Top Stories

Sunlight, Camera, Action!
by Davin Hutchins, TechTV
Filmmaker makes documentary using solar power, and iBook.

Maine Schools Begin To Deploy Wireless iBooks
by Apple
"We are going to demonstrate the power of one-to-one computer access in a way that will transform education."


Professor Says Disney, Other Firms Typify What's Wrong With Copyrights
by Doug Bedell, Dallas Morning News
Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig is waging a lonely fight to free Mickey Mouse.

WWDC Early Bird Registration Ends Next Week
by Mac Observer

Mac Gamer Plays Again
by Mark Reilly, Business Journal
Porting games to the Mac is worth a few million in annual sales, but creating new titles oculd take a firm to the $100 million mark.

MPEG-4 Rival Raises Antitrust Specter
by Gwendolyn Mariano, CNET
Video-compression provider On2 Technologies is taking a swing at MPEG-4, complaining that companies cooperating to create a digital media standard may run afoul of antitrust laws.


Impersonal PCs
by Charlotte Bauer, South Africa Sunday Times
In an IBM-compatible world, getting around using an iMac is likely to climb Everest in Manolo Blahnik stilettos - glorious, but impractical.


Wednesday, April 10, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong


One of the greatest "advantage" to print advertisement is that it is always there. On that same page in that same magazine.

"I need to buy a television, and I think I remember seeing one that will fit right in my living-room colour scheme the other day in "Time" magazine, the one with the baby on the front cover." Flip, flip, flip. "Ah, here it is. Yeah, looks good. I should buy this."

What's wrong with advertisement on the web? Ad-rotation engine? Daily-updated content? And even that index of advertisers is probably just scratching the surface.

What more can be done to move away from the click-through model to the mindshare model?


Macs Only! has some cool iPod accessories on display.

An Apple A Day: iPods Around the World

Alice Neff Lucan: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has written a decision about the taking of material from soneone else's Website that should be ready by everyone managing Web site ocntent.

An Apple A Day: MacMegasite

Didn't notice this until today, but San Diego Union-Tribune has a little write-up about this site. Thanks! Oh, and they seems to like our Popular Picks web page.


Microsoft: .Net Starting To Take Hold
by Wylie Wong, CNET
Microsoft announced new software tools Wednesday in hope of persuading developers to build Web services using its .Net technology.

If Dell Represents The Best Of Customer Service, We're In Trouble
by Jeff Gelles, Philadelphia Inquirer
Is this really what counts as premium service in computer business?

Windows Features Argued
by Jonathan Krim, Washington Post
Microsoft already produces "modular" versions of its operating system that allow manufacturers to pick and choose applications for various devices.

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