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Saturday, April 13, 2002


From Venerable Mac To iMac: After 15 Years, We Jumped Into The 21st Century
by Stephen H. Dumpy, Seattle Times
Stephen Dunphy holds his faithful Apple Macintosh SE. In the background is his new pedestal iMac. He and his wife decided it was time to purchase a new computer.

Web Wizardry Keeps Glenwood On Top Of News
by Mary T. Robbins, Howard County Times
The webcast is created with software called iMovie, Real Producer, Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

Bar Harbor Parents Try Out Laptops, Learn Rules For Use At Home
by Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News
Parents saw firsthand how their children are using laptop computers in the classroom. Later this month, pupils will take their Apple iBooks home for the first time.

Microsoft Pledges Apple Allegiance
by Russell Redman, CRN
Head of software giant's Macintosh unit says joint product pact unnecessary.


Apple And OpenOffice: A Perfect Match
by Alex Alexzander,
Apple can and should show the world that the time for Microsoft to rule the office suite market is truly over.


OIDS 2.0
by Tony Belding, Inside Mac Games
Great gameplay conquers all, and there's no other game that plays quite like OIDS.

DoubleClick: Ads Still Weak
by Reuters
Internet marketing company DoubleClick on Thursday reported a first-quarter net loss but surprised Wall Street by showing an operating profit even as revenue fell, reflecting aggressive cost cutting.

InDesign 2.0
by MacAddict
One of the advantages of joining the Adobe matrix is the seamless integration among its sibling programs.

QuarkXPress 5.0
by MacAddict
QuarkXPress 5.0 is a formidable program — but it's also a mixed bag.

Apple's iPod
by Matthew Miller, T.H.E. Journal
While the iPod is made for Mac fanatics, it will also impress PC lovers.

iMac Vs 800 MHz Tower - Which Machine Gives You More Bang For The Buck, A Performance Report
by MacSpeedZone
The iMac turn in close to the same performance as the low-end Tower, and will take up a lot less spaces in your work area.


Saturday, April 13, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

An Apple A Day: DiveIntoOSX. Repository of information for Mac OS X and OS X Server administrators.

Some new photographs from me — still learning photography, and still nowhere even near "novice" status. :-)

Please give comments generously. Thanks.


Microsoft's Flaw-Finding Tool Has Its Own Flaw
by Dennis Fisher, eWeek
Just days after its release, users are reporting a raft of problems with Microsoft's new vulnerability scanning tool.

Gates Is The Star Witness In Microsoft's Turn In Court
by Charles Pope, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Gates is one of 30 witnesses that Microsoft attorneys said they might call in the effort to persuade a federal judge to reject a more stringent settlement.

Wi-Fi "Lite" From Microsoft
by Ben Charny, CNET
Microsoft will show off some details of how to lighten the number of tasks routinely given to a Wi-Fi radio, the most expensive of several pieces of Wi-Fi equipment.

Microsoft To Make Its Case
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
The showdown between nine litigating states and Microsoft moves into its second — and potentially most tumultuous — phase Monday, as the plaintiff states close their case and the software giant presents its first witnesses.

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