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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Top Stories

Apple's New Gig: Smooth Interoperator
by Eric Hellweg, Business 2.0
By getting AOL to open up its instant messaging program, Apple succeeds where Microsoft has failed. Can it seize the momentum?

Steve Jobs: Rolling With The Punches
by Ian Fried, CNET
After polishing Apple Computer's lineup with the new flat-panel iMac, the school-oriented eMac, and now a rack-mounted server, CEO Steve Jobs still has an adjustment to make. He'd like to remove one item: the bad economy.


Nifty Apple Server; Dull Launch
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
Apple achieved a first on Tuesday. The company introduced a new server, of course, but it also hosted its first product launch to put people to sleep.

Marker Pens, Sticky Tape Crack Music CD Protection
by John Leyden, The Register
Music disc copyright protection schemes can be circumvented using tools as basic as marker pens and electrical tape, crackers have discovered.

Apple's Rendezvous Equals Zeroconf
by James Davidson, O'Reilly Network
Rendezvous is based on an ongling set of IETF standards in progress that have been under development for several years now.

Arrr! Avast Ye Screen Savers!
by Mark Dalrymple, MacEdition
Historically, writing screen savers has been an evil black art.

The Evolution Of Darwin
by Apple
The evolution that successfully put a Unix engine under the Mac OS hood began with the acquisition of NeXT by Apple in December 1996.


Jaguar: Is Quartz Extreme A Plot To Make You Buy A New Mac?
by Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl
Reassurance and some concrete improvements are needed to satisfy Mac users' concerns. The ball is in Apple's court.

Shed No Tears Over OS 9's Demise
by Charles Haddad, BusinessWeek
Jobs is right: OS 9 represents a technological era that has come and gone. May it rest in peace.

Apple Will Drive RIAA Out Of Their Minds
by Dave Winer, Scripting News
Create the tools that excite the creative people, drive innovation from the bottom-up.

To Infinite Loop, And Beyond...
by Doc Searls
Looks to me like these are priced almost as loss leaders to flow into enterprises.


iPhoto 1.1.1 Adds Needed Features
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
I haven't had to open Photoshop to prepare any of my images. That's sweet!

Internet Explorer Doesn't Work With Microsoft Internet Proxy Server
by Damien A. Barrett
Doesn't Microsoft test their software before releasing it?


Wednesday, May 15, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Long, long, long, time ago, I was involved in a project whose code name was "Rendezvous". I remember, then, there are lots of people who didn't know how to spell or pronounce this word.

I see the spelling mistakes are back today.


Sound interesting, no puns intended. Art on the Mac on Your Mac Life.

jjg: Oh yeah, for some reason, at the moment the quake hit, my new Mac crashed for the first time. Kernel panic. Weird, huh?

Always play to your audience, or how playing the right song can literally save your ass.

Cory Doctorow: Death was the best [Napster] could hope for now.


Microsoft Adopts A Strategy Of Praising Its Monopoly
by James Rowley, Bloomberg
Consumers gain from the dominance of Windows, Microsoft argued. For the first time in the four-year-old case, Microsoft presented witnesses who acknowledged that Windows is a monopoly.

Microsoft Finalizing Next-gen Office
by Joe Wilcox, ZDNet
Microsoft is finalizing plans for the next version of its Office business software, which will likely include new Web services, communication and collaboration features, said sources familiar with the company's plans.

Microsoft Cuts Price Of Xbox Game Console To $199
by Reuters
Microsoft on Wednesday will slash the price of the Xbox game console by 33 percent in the U.S. and 29 percent in Japan, intensifying the price war between console makers jostling for share in the $20 billion global video game market.

No Longer Content With Hardware, Dell Sells Dudewear
by Reuters
Capitalizing on the popularity of its young, bushy-browed spokesman the Dell Dude, the Round Rock, Texas-based company has begun selling "Dude" branded T-shirts, caps and backpacks.

HP Tempers Profit Report With Caution
by Stephen Shankland, CNET
In its last quarter before merging with Compaq Computer, Hewlett-Packard met estimates but warned that the company doesn't expect information technology spending to recover until next year.

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