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Monday, June 3, 2002


Portable Showdown: Notebook PCs Vs. Apple's iBook/PowerBook
by Elizabeth Millard, NewsFactor
Although the jazzed-up iBook is finding consumer success, Apple may have to work a little harder to convince its non-multimedia business audience to buy the pricier PowerBook.


Putting His Camcorder Where His Mouth Is
by Roy Furchgott, Washington Post
I felt I had really accomplished my goal when at the end of the video one friend asked, "Can I see it again?"

Learning From The MacSlash Fiasco
by Dan Knight, Low End Mac
In the end, the best protection is keeping your domain registered. Don't let it expire.

Wireless: Killer App Without Being An App
by Steve Mallett, O'Reilly Network
Not only can being wireless free me from cable bondage, but it can free me from applicaiton bondage.


Apple And IBM Unleash New Laptops
by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Pioneer Press
Those with bucks and a distaste for ThinkPad-like conventionality will see the Apple portable as a sweet, sweet system. We certainly do.

Tiny Camera Delivers Big Performance
by James Coates, Chicago Tribune
In an age when technology keeps getting smaller and more portable, Kodak's newest digital camera delivers big time in both departments.


Monday, June 3, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Cross My Fingers

I've changed the incoming-newsfeed engine over the weekend, and is now monitoring it.

If you have noticed things being changed, for better or for worse, then I've failed. It is supposed to emulate the behavior of the old one, almost exactly.

Why change then? Well, the bigger changes are yet to come. I'm going to let this stabilise first, before performing major surgery...

Oh, and I do have a real day job. :-)


Industry Allies Seek To Limit Microsoft Drive Into New Fields
by Steve Lohr and John Markoff, New York Times
Microsoft, in its drive to conquer new markets beyond personal computer software, has consistently run into resistance from companies and industries working to insure there is a competitive alternative to Microsoft.

Shutting Down My Windows Domain Server
by Simon St Laurent, O'Reilly Network
The "everything on one server, with centralized authentication" approach may have been appealing to me a few years ago, but now I'm much happier with a loosely-connected set of specialized devices.

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