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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Top Stories

A Shop Where Fun Meets Function
by Fred Bernstein, New York Times
Tekserve, a giant Macintosh repair center in Manhattan, expanded from 1,000 square feet to 20,000, in a succession of four locations on West 23rd Street in Chelsea.

Would Someone Take A Bite Out Of Apple?
by Adam Lashinsky, CNN/Money
It may not be a takeover target but there's plenty of value there.


The I Of The Beholder
by Garry Barker, Livewire
Form follows function for the designers of those stunning iMac computers.

New Nielsen/NetRatings Multimedia Numbers Show No Nump For QuickTime
by MacMinute

Laurie Anderson's Suite Music
by Joe Cellini, Apple
For Laurie Anderson's long-awaited album, "Life on a String," director Steven Lippman cut a festival-worthy short film in Final Cut Pro.

Apple Rotten After Miserable Day
by Rex Crum, CBS
Stock loses 15 percent in response to warning.

Technology Stocks Stumble
by Associated Press
Warnings from Apple, other firms lead to broad sell-off.

Macworld New York Loses Major Developer
by Ben Wilson, NewsFactor
Macromedia, a critical developer for the Mac platform and a company that has ardently supported Mac OS X, has opted out of exhibiting at this summer's Macworld.


Why Real People Use Macs For Real Work
by Ben Wells, Low End Mac
People who are sick of swearing and thumping their desks. They've discovered there is an alternative, and it's a better one.

Apple Beckons Windows Users, But Doesn't Make Sense For All
by Walter S. Mossberg, Wall Street Journal
The bottom line: The Macintosh is a fine computer, and it's safe to switch to it if you like. But make sure it's right for you.

MacHack Eve
by Chuck Toporek, O'Reilly Network


OS X Native Palm Software Arrives With Some Shortcomings
by Tom Negrino, Macworld
Palm Desktop 4.0 is OS X native, but Palm left most of the program's features untouched.

Variations On An Office With Windows
by David Pogue, New York Times
Office v. X is pretty and — thanks to the update — solid.

Security, Earthlink, And Apple
by Daniel H. Steinberg, O'Reilly Network
I really like Earthlink and with one exception have had very good experiences with their technical support people.


Thursday, June 20, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Cameron Barrett: IBM's web site has a great Ease of Use poster called "Simplifying Tasks".... Now try ordering it.

Doc Searls: There are no First, Second or Third Worlds. There is only Football.

Yes, I'm a PC guy that switched to Mac.


Microsoft Leaves No Doubt
by Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News
Yes, it's late, but there are still a few ways to restrain the corporate thugs who control — and thwart outside innovation on — the most important communications platform since the telephone.

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