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Monday, June 24, 2002

Top Stories

The Secret's Out: Mac's Cheaper
by David Frith, The Barrow
It's a great pity, but a public stoush between Apple Computer Australia and the Gartner market research firm is obscuring some intriguing discoveries about the operation of mixed networks of Macintoshes and Windows PCs.

Legislators Ready To Raid Laptop Fund
by Grace Murphy, Portland Press Herald
Shifting the contents of the laptop fund to general aid might not be as simple as some lawmakers wish because Maine has a four-year, $37.2 million contract with Apple Computer.


Apple Updates Mac OS X AppleScript
by MacMinute


Mac Versus PC — Offensive Advertising
by John C Dvorak, PC Magazine
Desperation. That's the word that comes to mind when I see the Apple "Switch" ad campaign.

My Convoluted System Upgrade Path
by Charles W. Moore, Low End Mac
Moore finally moves from his WallStreet to his Pismo for production work — but not yet to OS X.


Introduction To Overclocking Your Mac
by Evan Kleiman, Low End Mac
Since the whole world isn't overclocking, there has to be some risk involved.

Quark Xpress 5
by Trey Yancy, MacDirectory
QXP5 has a lot to offer, but does the release represent three and a half years of hard work since version 4? Not really, but it is an upgrade well worth having.


Monday, June 24, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Alt. Browsers

In a world dominated by Microsoft's Internet Explorer, on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms, why doesn't "alternate" web browsers offer an option to import cookies? Or a menu item that "use Internet Explorer to view current page"?

I'm trying out Mozilla 1.1a, and having to log back in to multiple sites is getting on my nerve. :-)


Maybe Apple should have placed the resize-widget on the top-right corner of windows, rather than the bottom-right.

1. Help balance-out the title bar, with the three traffic lights on the left.

2. Allow windows hidden by the dock to still be easily resized and moved.

Oh well... I wonder what's the reason Apple engineers didn't do this.


Microsoft Judge In Uncharged Waters
by Brock N. Meeks, MSNBC
Fate of proposed consent decree uncertain as judge considers tougher antitrust penalties.

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