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Monday, August 19, 2002

Top Stories

Apple's Chief In The Risky Land Of The Handhelds
by John Markoff, New york Times
There are signs that Steve Jobs may be approaching a precipice like the one that led to the downfall seven years ago of the man who was then Apple's chief executive, John Sculley.


Cult Of The Mac - Is Anyone Switching?
by Lisa Gill, NewsFactor
While Apple will not say how long the ad blitz will last, the company has compiled mounds of anecdotal evidence to support the idea that the campaign works.

Out-Of-It Eyebrow Lift Gives Apple A Superstar
by John Schwartz, New York Times
Apple has a new star on its hands. She is Ellen Feiss, a slow-talking teenager whose laconic patois has the Internet buzzing.


Sony, Apple Make Phone Dream Team
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
Promoting compatibility would mean that Apple would make partners, not competitors, out of Nokia and Motorola — and that would surely be biting off more than it would want to chew.

Mac OS X 10.2: How Apple Got It Right... Again!
by David Coursey, ZDNet
Apple continues to make discs that can be installed across multiple machines.


Why Less Is More For Apple's New Power Macs
by Stephan Somogyi, ZDNet
Customers can build their boxes to taste, and leave room for growth.


Monday, August 19, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Where Have I Gone Today?

One of the UI component of a typical visual web browser, is the differentiation of visited and unvisited links. Rather than forcing the user to remember which web pages he has viewed, the computer does this job for him.

Therefore, I am quite sad to see more and more web sites (such as MacMinute and AppleQuickLinks ) intentionally breaking this UI component by having all outgoing links pointing to an internal redirecting script rather than the actual URL.



Horacio Silva: After downloading Joan Baez or Joan Jett, no self-respecting member of the fashion set would consider storing an iPod in anything but the Hedi Slimane-designed leather Christian Dior iPod Case, $346, at Barneys New York.

5 more days to the official launch of Jaguar.

6 more days to yet another revamp of MyAppleMenu.


Can Linux Duck The Redmond Death Ray?
by Charles Cooper, ZDNet
Assuming Sun doesn't trip on its delivery, corporate customers might just be receptive this time around. And the clincher would be Linux.

Why Microsoft Could Actually Fail At CRM
by Tiffany Kary, ZDNet
With Microsoft making a foray into the CRM market, analysts are split over its chances for success.

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