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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Top Stories

Jaguar Release Catapults Apple Sales
by Margaret Kane, CNET
More than 100,000 copies of Apple Computer's OS X 10.2 operating system were sold worldwide during its first weekend, the company said.

At Apple, It's One Step Forward...
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
Every time Steve Jobs & Co. appears to have things going its way, something — like a PC industry stuck in a slump — seems to slow it down.


More Oracle Software Available For 10.2
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
In addition to the database itself, users can download the Oracle9i v9.0.1 thin JDBC Driver or the Oracle 8i v8.1.7 OCI for Mac OS X.

iPod Guides You Through The Singapore Art Museum
by MacSingaore
Moreover, visitors who have their own iPod can come to the museum and download information available.

Sneakernet Redux: Walk Your Data
by Paul Boutin, Wired News
The coolest sneakernet accessory is, of course, Apple's iPod.

A Good Time To Pick Apple's Stock?
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
While several factors are weighing down Jobs & Co.'s financial performance these days, many others could provide a nice lift.

Mac's Slipping Class Rank
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
Apple is losing ground to more enterprise-friendly Windows PCs in the critical education market. If that continues, watch out.

iPod: A Seed For Growth?
by Olga Kharif, BusinessWeek
Now that Apple's snazzy digital music player works with Windows, it could open new doors into consumer electronics. It won't be easy though.

Record Orders For Jagaur's First Leap
by David Frith, The Barrow
Apple shop operators tell The Barrow interest has been intense, with pre-orders at a record level.


Hey Apple, MHz Matters
by Adam Robert Guha, Low End Mac
Apple needs to gain market share, and one of the best ways to do this is to offer machines with higher clock speeds that can compete more directly with Windows PCs.

by Slashdot
The only reason I can think of that I wouldn't buy a future version of Watson is all the whining that Karelia did about this.

by Slashdot
Apple's iApps don't replace anything. Third-party software has to be good enough to replace the iApps, not the other way around.


Mac OS X 'Jaguar' Gets Thumbs-Up
by Sandy McMurray, Globe and Mail
Mac OS X 10.2 is the best OS I've ever used and it keeps getting better.

A Star Is Born With Apple's New Addition
by Andy Ihnatko, Chicaco Sun-Times
90 percent of Mac OS X 10.2 consists of cool, bouncy, double-clicky new features that are right out there to be immediately exploited by the average user.

For Some Users, Jaguar Upgrade Comes With Show-Stopping 'Gotchas'
by Chuck La Tournous, RandomMaccess
In short, wait a few weeks and "let the pioneers take the arrows."

iPod Lets You Store Much Music
by Mark Kellner, Washington Times
In short, there's much to like about the iPod, and if you're doing your holiday shopping early this year, it's a gift certain to draw oohs and ahhs when unwrapped.

AOL Updates Its Mac Face
by Troy Dreier, PC Magazine
AOL 10.2 doesn't have the kind of large improvements that make your jaw drop, but does offer an attractive interface and enough small improvements that using it is a pleasure.

FileMaker 6 Gets Graphic
by Jeff Angus, PC World
The latest version of this database storage and retrieval program adds features for managing graphics effectively.

Jaguar Leaps Onto Windows Networks
by Gary Krakow, MSNBC
Iím not giving up when it comes to getting Jaguar to network seamlessly with my office. OS X is too good to quit on it.

Jaguar: iChat
by Nathan Torkington, O'Reilly Network
And while I'm going to give iChat more of a test in the coming days, I may well end up back with Adium for my AOL chatting.

Jaguar: Fonts
by Nathan Torkington, O'Reilly Network
Proportional fonts don't work for programs that assume an 'i' takes up as much horizontal space as a 'W'.

Jaguar First Impressions... And Questions
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
I have a lot of confidence in Mac OS X, and it came through again.

What Is Wrong With iChat
by Rob McNair-Huff, Mac Net Journal
The limitations of the program make it less attractive for heavy-duty users.

OS X Jaguar - Early Impressions
by Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News
I'm not seeing the vast speed increases I've been reading about in other coverage.


Tuesday, August 27, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Joel Spolsky: There just isn't enough bandwidth to do good design when a team is geographically dispersed.


Microsoft Puts Privacy Policy On Display
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Microsoft has begun to incorporate new privacy policies and procedures in upcoming products, apparently in response to this month's settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.

MS Plays Volume Licensing Upgrade Card Against Naked PCs
by John Lettice, The Register
If you want full, untied product, you pay retail, apparently.

On A Roll, Dell Enters Uncharted Territory
by Steve Lohr, New York Times
The plan is ambitious and risky, but Mr. Dell betrays no qualms.

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