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Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Top Stories

Saving Money With Open Source
by Charles F. Moreira, The Star
"Apple is the first vendor to bet the farm on BSD. By making Darwin the core of OS X, Apple has made the biggest corporate commitment to OSS so far."

Bluetooth Will Succeed
by Oliver Thylmann, InfoSync
Apple believes in bluetooth, Apple added it, Apple helps make it a standard, and Bluetooth will succeed.


Apple Talks Expansion, Noise, Dual Processor Systems
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
"With the release of Jaguar and an all dual processor lineup in our pro systems, our professional customers, and several new customers, are excited about the systems."

Can Appel's Jaguar Break Windows?
by Lisa Gill, NewsFactor
Whether any companies will take the bait has yet to be determined.

KC Man Profits From Apple's Blunder
by David Hayes, The Kansas City Star
The Kansas City entrepreneur has developed a slick-looking plastic cover that covers an odd hole on the lower front cover of the Apple Macintosh QuickSilver G4 computer.

Maine Teachers Share Lessons Learned About Laptops
by Associated Press
As public schools across Maine prepare to give laptop computers to nearly 17,000 seventh-graders, teachers at nine schools that pioneered the program are sharing what they've learned.

Windows Facing A Challenge
by Barbara Genglere, The Australian
Enthusiasm for alternatives to Windows is at its highest level in more than a decade, according to a report from Yankee Group.


Hooray For Today's OSes
by Henry Norr, San Francisco Chronicle
For the first time in the history of personal computing, mainstream systems don't routinely crash.


Jaya Explains Why KL-Singapore Talks Stalled
by Matthew Rothenberg, Straits Times
Foreign Minister S. Jayakumar yesterday took questions from reporters after talks with his Malaysian counterpart Syed Hamid Albar, which saw a sudden shift in Malaysia's position on how to settle the string of issues that have hung over bilateral ties.

Jaguar Stalks Windows Users
by Gene steinberg, Gannett News Service
But does it have what it takes to get them to consider a Macintosh?

Good Reasons To Upgrade To OS X 10.2
by Henry Norr, San Francisco Chronicle
I almost hate to say it, because I too was bothered by Apple's pricing policy, but after using 10.2 for a couple of weeks, I'm sold: If you use Mac OS X, upgrading to 10.2 is a worthwhile investment.


Tuesday, September 3, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong


With all these recent debate on Sherlock 3 versus Watson, there's one aspect that wasn't brought up.

If I recall correctly, Watson scraps web sites. I.e., it didn't actually ask for permission to retrieve data from various web sites, and present them in a different format.

And if I am still recalling correctly, Apple does ask for permission.


I used two different computers to download e-mail: my trusty Jaguar at home, and a not-so-trusty Windows XP at work.

And, nowadays, I always feel sad when downloading e-mail at work. Hey, look at all those junk mails, just going straight to the trash. I should be feeding them to my at home, training the junk mail filter.


Still a lot of false negatives from the filter. Looks like patient is required.


Macs Only!: iChatting with your significant other across the room seems like the ultimate geeky relationship and you both may want to seek counseling.

eWeek: Gateway's move on Apple's terrority: The Jobsfather IV.

Richard Halkett: [Powerbook G4] is lovely, and I've wanted it for ages.

Businessman turns Jaguar into a fish tank.

Youth is wasted on the youngBefore you know it's come and goneToo soon.


New PCs Restrict Copying
by Joe Wilcox, ZDNet
Microsoft and HP on Tuesday released additional details about digital entertainment PCs coming for the holidays. But new anti-copying technology could hamper sales, say analysts and potential buyers.

Microsoft 'Patches' Tear At Computer Users' Good Will
by Bob Keefe, Cox News Service
Dealing with the patches is costing U.S. businesses billions of dollars, creating major headaches for consumers and companies alike, and perhaps even playing a role in stagnating the growth of the Internet and computing in general.

More PC Makers Try Alternatives To Microsoft Suites
by Peter Galli, eWeek
Alternatives to Microsoft Corp.'s desktop productivity software suites are gaining ground as PC makers look to cut costs.

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