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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Top Stories

Mac OS X-Only Booting For 2003
by Macworld UK
Apple today announced that starting in January 2003, all new Mac models will only boot into Mac OS X as the start-up operating system, though they will retain the ability to run most Mac OS 9 applications through the "Classic" environment.

Mozilla Rising
by Farhad Manjoo, Salon
Netscape won't dislodge Internet Explorer from its hegemony over browser space. But its open-source sibling is aiming at even bigger game: Windows.


Apple's Schiller Pushes Printing With 10.2
by Jason Brooks, eWeek
In a keynote address here Tuesday at Seybold San Francisco 2002, which was largely devoid of new announcements, Apple Senior Vice President Phillip Schiller spent an hour teasing out the new "print, publishing and design" features of Apple's recently released OS X 10.2 operating system.

Apple Kicks Off "Design Freely" Promotion
by MacMinute
Free copy of Adobe InDesign 2.0.

Apple Launches Latest "i" Software
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Apple on Tuesday released its latest "i" application, as the company seeks to combat slowing computer sales with an increased emphasis on software and services.

Rendezvous Gains Approval, Says Apple
by MacMinute
Apple states that developers are "rapidly adopting Apple's innovative new Rendezvous networking technology for incorporation into everything from consumer electronics to printers, enterprise database management and educational applications."

Apple Expo In Full Swing
by Macworld UK
More than 70,000 attendees are expected to visit the show, which has attracted 250 exhibitors.

Industry Turns The Page
by Jon Fortt, San Jose Mercury News
This year, industry leaders are focused on using networking technology — specifically powerful server computers — to sort through images, rather than using desktop computers alone.


Copland And NeXT
by David K. Every, iGeek
In the end, it took like five years to deliver on a usable version of the next generation Mac OS. What is interesting in that it would have taken only another 2 or 3 years maximum for Apple to have delivered on Copland (plus some of Gershwin) had they followed a variant of the initial course.

Apple's Good, But That's No Reason To Switch
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
The newer versions of Windows are themselves mighty fine.


Mouse Exists For Mac Users With Urge To Right-Click
by Union-Tribune News Service

Even Free, iCal Isn't Worth The Price
by Chuck La Tournous, RandomMaccess
iCal is rife with bugs, display glitches and mind-boggling interface oversights.

Toast Titanium 5.1.2
by Trey Yancy, MacDirectory
Toast Titanium covers all the bases and provides an excellent platform for discovering why Zip drives are hitting the auction sites at prices lower than the cost of shipping.

Configuring Sendmail On Jaguar
by James Duncan Davidson, O'Reilly Network
Sendmail is complicated software, no doubt about it. But Sendmail is also the Swiss Army Knife of mail servers, and I don't mean one of those little key-chain trinkets.

Apple's 'Jaguar' Is Useful Upgrade
by Mark Kellner, Washington Times
Overall, Jaguar is a good upgrade for Mac users, who may soon find they can't live without the new Sherlock or Mail features.


Tuesday, September 10, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Er... Steve? I still cannot watch VCD movies on the world's most powerful desktop operating system.

But... Steve? Does that mean all-new all-improved all-kiss-ass machines coming in January 2003?

Cyril Borgomano: It is quite easy to have a compatibility box called Classic, even if the processor was an AMD chip, for instance. But it would not work with a "real" Mac OS 9.


Why Windows Makes Mobility So Hard
by Larry Seltzer, ZDNet
For an OS that has done a great deal of innovation with mobile computing, Windows is surprisingly insensitive to this need.

Dude, You're Getting More From Dell
by Brock N. Meeks, MSNBC
Analysts are cautiously upbeat about PC makerís diversification.

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