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Wednesday, September 11, 2002


ActiveX Flaw Bugs Apple's QuickTime
by Ryan Naraine,
A buffer overrun vulnerability has been detected in the ActiveX component in Apple's QuickTime 5.0 media player.

Philips To Use Apple's Jaguar Operating System In Home Entertainment Devices
by AFX
Steve Jobs said Apple has agreed a deal with Royal Philips Electronics NV under which Philips can use Apple's software in its next generation of home entertainment systems.

Philips Sets Up A 'Rendezvous'
by Victoria Shannon, International Herald Tribune


Be Proud Of The Mac Legacy
by Claude Filimenti, MacEdition
We that support this different way of thinking must encourage our clients to persevere.

After A Summer Of Product Releases, Macworld's Readers Panel Sounds Off On Jaguar, .Mac And Other Expo News
by Macworld

Read Between The Lines To See What Apple Is Really Up To
by John Manzione, MacNET 2.0
Even though Appleís announcement is a major one, itís what Apple didnít say thatís truly telling.

Will Microsoft Drown In Its Proprietary Media Stream?
by Jennifer LeClaire, osOpinion
Start popping the corn, tech news fans: The classic battle between Microsoft and Apple has been officially rekindled.

Mac And PC: Ne'er The Twain Will Meet
by Charles Haddad, BusinessWeek
Could Apple make OS X run on Intel chips? Yes, but it would blunt the unique Mac edge and spark a war that Microsoft is sure to win.


Suitcase 10
by Ric Getter, MacDirectory
Suitcase 10 does a great job in Classic and OS 9. Until we evolve past OS X's Classic and Carbon-based transition period, we will have to deal with some of the OS's font handling limitations, and Suitcase 10 will be a great help in the process.

Apple iMovie 2
by Mick Lockey, TechTV
If you're intimidated by video editing, you haven't seen iMovie 2.


Wednesday, September 11, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Matthew Haughey: I'm starting to think Apple's pulling the same sort of lock-in antics that people demonize Microsoft for.

Alexis Gutzman: Ironic event of the week: Some spammer is forging headers to look like the email is coming from SpamCop.

Adrian Holovaty: I've been designing a bare-bones home page in case something terrible happens [on Sept 11, 2002].


Dell Exec Says May Launch Handhelds In Mid 2003
by Reuters
"We are considering a PDA launch for several quarters from now, but it will be a small part of our business."

Vendors Show Tablet PC Wares
by Matt Berger, InfoWorld
Two software vendors this week took the wraps off applications designed for new Tablet PC devices, which will be released later this year with the goal of making handwriting the preferred method for inputting data into computer documents.

Microsoft: No Office Subscriptions On Tap?
by Mary Jo Foley, eWeek
Microsoft apparently has decided that the world isn't ready for buying Office via subscription.

"Buggy" Sept. 11 Worm Surfaces
by Margaret Kane, ZDNet
A new e-mail worm has surfaced that uses the terror attacks of Sept. 11 to lure victims, antivirus groups say.

Microsoft Buys Security Software Company
by CW360
Microsoft has acquired a small security software manufacturer as part of its continued drive to improve product security and reliability.

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