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Monday, September 16, 2002


Apple Forces OS X On Users
by David Frith, The Barrow

Computers Fail The Test
by Greg Thom, Herald Sun
Apple desk-top computers were rated the most reliable: 86 per cent required no repairs in the past 12 months.

Apple's Scary Season
by Eric Hellweg, Business 2.0
Market share is down, Microsoft is upset, and Quark is nowhere to be seen. The company has some mean challenges to overcome.


The Feeble Files
by Galen Wiley, Inside Mac Games
If you're the kind that really likes a challenge, the Feeble Files is for you. It combines that old school adventuring you love with challenging gameplay and a professional feel.

Maya 3.5.1 For OS X
by Trey Yancy, MacDirectory
Serious 3D modelers and animators should definitely take a close look at this application.

by Zack Stern, MacHome
Stronghold is an exciting strategy game that balances new people-management elements with city building and battles. Bold graphics and fun units make up for its interface quirks and the confusion of knowing where you can build.

Filemaker Pro 6
by Kirk Hiner,
FileMaker has had a powerful program for some time, and now it's also simple. Isn't that what productivity programs are supposed to be?

Low-Cost Machines Fine For Most
by Larry Blasko, Associated Press
The classic iMac, now at $799, has everything you need for the things most of us do, and, although it has its own kinks, many consider the Mac easier to use than Windows-based machines.

Wireless Wonder
by Charles Arthur, Independent
Getting your computer and phone to talk does require a little of the set-up dance we hate.

Objective-C: The More Flexible C++
by Armin Roehrl and Stefan Schmiedl, Linux Journal
An introduction to Objective-C for programmers familiar with C++ or any other OOP language.

What Apple Could Learn From MS About Mice
by Stephan Somogyi, ZDNet
Redmond is making better mice than stylish Apple. What's more, those MS mice work great with Macs.


Monday, September 16, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Mac People

Phillip J. Windley, CIO for the State of Utah: It's beautiful and very well executed... Things "just work"... OS X rocks!

Alisa Harris, owner of imageBLEND Promotions, can't live without Sony's DCR-TRV 103 Digital Handycam. (And probably her Final Cut Pro.)

Jeffrey Gitomer, author of "The Sales Bible," and "Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Pricelss," has more than 1,400 songs stored in iTunes.

Shirley Howe, 79, volunteer at Bainbridge Library.

And, Steve Jobs, one of six honorees of Chrysler's "Design Champions", celebrating the achievements of individuals who have consistently championed seminal works of architecutre and esign and signnificantly influenced modern American culture.


Why are there no web UI innovation ever since Mosaic? Is it because everyone looks at Swing and figured out portable UI stuff is very difficult?


AMD Ads To Play Up 64-Bit Chips
by John G Spooner, CNET
After going head-to-head on clock speeds and prices, rival chipmakers Advanced Micro Devices and Intel this week are kicking off dueling ad campaigns.

RMS: Why Open Source Needs Free Software's Ideals
by Richard Stallman, The Register
The term "open source" was coined to avoid politics.

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