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Thursday, September 19, 2002

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The World Of A Mac User
by David Zeiler, Baltimore Sun
Daring to be an Apple Computer Inc. devotee in a world dominated by Microsoft Corp.ís Windows may seem quixotic, but just about any Macintosh user will tell you that despite some disadvantages, theyíd never turn to the "dark side."


Finding An Opening
by Maggie Biggs, InfoWorld
As open-source database usage expands, two questions arise. First, how can enterprises effectively utilize open-source databases to gain a competitive advantage? And second, how will open-source databases affect the database marketplace?

Is Apple's Innovation Only Skin-Deep?
by Jay Lyman, NewsFactor
"Apple need to transation [innovations] into a compelling, business case justification."

Connectix Recommends Mac OS X 10.2.1 Update
by MacMinute


Apple, IBM Team On 64-Bit CPU
by Daniel Drew Turner and Matthew Rothenberg, eWeek
According to sources, IBM Microelectronics, a division of IBM, is working with Apple on a 64-bit PowerPC processor for use in the latter's high-end desktops and servers.

If You Don't Have .Mac You Don't Have A Mac
by Steve Jack, MacDailyNews
Nobody will want a Mac without .Mac.


Blasphemy! Apple Does Windows
by Troy Dreier, PC Magazine
The Windows iPod experience might not be as smooth as that of the Mac version, but it does bring the iPod's famous ease-of-use and portability to the other 95 percent of the market.

Why Windows Has The Edge Over The Mac
by Kim Komando, Microsoft bCentral
The iMac does its job well. But it is no more intuitive than Windows XP.

iPod Portable Player Enters The Windows World
by Mike langberg, San Jose Mercury News
The competition is also catching up to Apple in offering featherweight design and high-speed connections.

Mac System Is The Real Thing
by David Zeiler, Baltimore Sun
Apple's upgrade for the Macintosh features significant utilities, treats and speed.

Data Swells, As Do Ways To Store It
by J.D. Biersdorfer, New York Times
So not only are all kinds of storage options now available, but they also fit more into less space.


Thursday, September 19, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Pot and Kettle Calling Apple Black

To all these web publications that is terming Apple's migration to .Mac a failure because 95% of users didn't sign up ó how many of your readers sign up for your paid subscription or donation?

The common "rule-of-thumb" is that a successful paid-service will sign up about 1% of current readership. (I think Salon has roughly that figure, if I recall correctly.)

With that as context, Apple's 5% is a rather good success.


Rob Fahrni: I don't like being embarrassed by security flaws any more than the next guy, and yes it's embarrassing. That alone will drive us to more secure software.

Just discovered that the carpet here at my office will hide coins easily. Dropped one earlier today, and I still haven't recover it yet.


Gateway's Problem Is Microsoft, Not Dell
by Bradley J. Fikes, North County Times
Trouble is, Gateway controls only the hardware design of its iMac challenger, the Profile series, not the software.

Microsoft Offers Source Code To 2,300 Parties - 150 Say Yes
"The great myth of open source is that everyone wants to look at source code..."

Rivals: Microsoft Not Compllying
by D. Ian Hopper, Associated Press
Microsoft isn't living up to its agreement with the federal government to allow Windows users to remove access to the company's programs and choose competitors' products, a group funded by Microsoft's rivals said Wednesday.

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