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Friday, September 20, 2002

Top Stories

A Linux User Defects
by Simon Cozens, Apple
FreeBSD? GNU Hurd? Windows? No, the operating system thatís my tip for the OS of the future is nothing other than Appleís Mac OS X.

Apple's New Galleria Store A World Unto Itself
by Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle
You'll know that everything works properly before you leave the store.

Apple's Big Bite
by Oliver Peters,
The development team for Final Cut Pro and Cinema Tools continues to throw as many features as possible into a single user interface that is consistent across the entire spectrum of possible configurations. All of this plus dead sexy — now how can you beat that?


iCab 2.8.2 Update Brings Jaguar Fixes
by MacMinute
The iCab company today released iCab 2.8.2, the latest version of its popular alternative Web browser.

Adobe Rebranding Designer And Developer Web Site
by MacMinute
The site is now called Adobe Studio Exchange, and enables users to upload and download add-ons for Adobe applications.

Apple PDA Plans Gathering Dust
by Jay Wrolstad, NewsFactor
Apple's pioneering PDA, Newton, failed to take off a decade ago, largely because it was a clunky, expensive device that the public was not ready for. Now, with the market saturated with PDAs and smartphones, Apple may not be ready to try again.

Larry Ellison Resigns As Apple Director
by MacMinute
"My schedule does not currently allow me to attend enough of the formal board meetings to warrant a role as a director."

Lodging Fears Hinder Macworld Return
by Hiwatha Bray, Boston Globe
A dispute over hotel space is the last major roadblock to bringing the Macworld computer trade show back to Boston in mid-July 2004, according to the head of the company that sponsors the convention.

Grant Provides Tech To Schools
by Erica Plouffe, The Daily Reflector
"Through the use of technology, we hope to better engage students, and in turn, excite the teachers and keep them with us longer."

New Laptops Revolutionalize Students' Work
by Erica Plouffe, The Daily Reflector
The wireless computer, introduced to Oakwood students this school year, has become an integral part of the entire fifth- through eighth-grade curriculum.

AppleScript Studio Makes Life Easier
by Barbara Gibson, Apple
"What I'm fascinated by in AppleScript is the fact that it is an extra hand."


Why I Develop For Mac OS X
by Brent Simmons,
One of the reasons I develop for OS X is that, when it comes to user interface, this is the big leagues, this is the show.


Archos Jukebox Recorder 20
by Ray Weigel and James L. Kim, TechTV
Portable hard-disk MP3 player is first to offer MP3 encoding.


Friday, September 20, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong


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Mac People: Sean Pertwee, actor, stars in Blue Juice and Dog Soldiers, loves his iPod.

Cameron Barrett: Interesting. Microsoft has discontinued Internet Explorer for Unix. This makes me wonder if or when they will axe IE for Mac OS X.


HP Shells Out For Site Revamp
by Dawn Kawamoto and Ian Fried, CNET
Hewlett-Packard has recently spent tens of millions of dollars revamping its Web site in an attempt to make its e-commerce effort more coherent after its acquisition of Compaq Computer.

Microsoft Details Web Services Prices
by Maggie Williams,
Microsoft has announced its first chargeable web service,, which will deliver geographical information, including postcode searches, location services and downloadable driving instructions.

Windows XP — One Year Later
by Larry Seltzer, ZDNet
I agree with Microsoft's senior VP for Windows, Jim Allchin. I think they've been doing a pretty good job lately.

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