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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Top Stories

Liberty Alliance Plans Interoperability With Passport
by John Blau, InfoWorld
The Liberty Alliance Project, which is developing Web technology to facilitate single-sign-on authentication, plans to support interoperability between its system and Microsoft's rival Passport system.


What's All The Feiss About?
by Garry Barker, The Age
Once we would have said about such instant, widespread notoriety, "only in America", but now it's the Internet and the whole world.

Cisco Releases Jaguar-Compatible Aironet Drivers
by MacMegasite
Cisco Systems has released new drivers for their Aironet series of wireless cards that are compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.

What Will Drive The Next Big Upgrade?
by Jay Lyman, NewsFactor
Although Howe was surprised by corporate IT departments' willingness to try Apple's Xserve enterprise server, he expressed doubt that the company will win more than a "fair amount of sidegrading" out of its efforts.

The Economics Of Apple
by Teri Robinson,
Although Apple has achieved financial solvency in a difficult climate by knowing its audience and preserving its margins, the company's struggle is not over.


Flirting With Mac OS X
by Moshe Bar, Byte
You don't have to be ashamed to go to a Linux guru meeting with Mac OS X, because it's just a UNIX with a very nice GUI.

Ellison's Apple Board Departure An Opportunity For Better Governance
by Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News
Maybe this is a good time for Apple to think about governance issues.


Mozilla's Conveniences Take Bite Out Of Explorer
by Tom Gromak, The Detroit News
Mozilla comes with a lot of features that would normally require extra software.

Apple iMac
by PC Magazine
The iMac isn't just about hip style—it's a bold reminder of Apple's ability to design simple-to-set-up computers and bundle essential and appealing applications.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
by Sean Ashcroft, Macworld UK
At the price, domestic digital photographers will find much in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 to commend it. However, even with its improved accessibility, many users will undoubtedly find the learning curve steep, but with some perseverance will discover an exciting new digital world opening up before them.


Tuesday, September 24, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

The Guy At The Office

Think back a few years ago... Remember that guy in your office that keeps sending e-mail to everyone, detailing the latest news in your industry, giving tips on how you can use the company e-mail system, and maybe even sharing a joke or two?

Chances are, this guy now has a blog.

What's the Value?

Microsoft, as reported by eWeek is going to spend more than US$3b into Office to double Office's annual revenue.

So what's new? "New categories of application value from a client standpoint, as well as around servers and XML services."

Microsoft is saying, please stay with us. We will make it worthwhile for you. We are going to increase our research and development effort. You'll like it.

So, Microsoft, what's your proposal? How will it benefit me? Why would I like it?

Oh, new values. (Mumble buzzwords.) Value! Value! Value!


An Apple A Day: Newtons Around the World

Seattle Times reported that, on the very day Microsoft announced its new wireless products, the wireless network on Microsoft's campus went dead.


MS Touts New Growth In Old World
by Reuters
Microsoft said on Tuesday it was confident about the future, which was why it was raising an army of new recruits and investing tens of millions of dollars in an alliance with Hewlett-Packard.

Microsoft Previews Next Office Version
by Mike Tarsala, CBS
Microsoft gave investors a sneak peak on Tuesday at its new version of Office software suite, due out next May.

Ballmer: We'll Outsmart Open Source
by Peter Judge, ZDNet UK
Although Microsoft cannot compete against Linux on price, the company will use its community of professionals to outsmart the open-source movement, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer told an audience of Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) in London on Monday.

HP Hits Bottom With PC Prices
by John G. Spooner, ZDNet
Hewlett-Packard is taking aim at rival Emachines by revamping its Compaq Presario desktops for the holidays.

Carly's Biggest Test
by John Dickinson, ZDNet
If the management foundation that underlies the merger unravels, and the infighters prevail, rest assured that Steve Case of AOL won't be the only big-name tech executive with a question mark hovering over his future.

Open Source, Shared Source Or Secret Sauce?
by Peter Judge, ZDNet UK
It looks very much as if Microsoft is genuinely learning something from the open-source movement. Is it possible that both communities may gain from this?

Beleaguered Dell?
by John H Farr,
No matter how well they may appear to be doing, Dell Computer Corporation has what is rather chillingly described as "a deteriorating balance sheet."

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