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Monday, September 30, 2002

Top Stories

Burning Rubber: 10.2
by Stefan Hammond, Computerworld Hong Kong
Mac OS X 10.2 is a truly first-class experience. Oh by the way, though I've only been using OS X for about a month, it has never crashed. Not once.


Opera Meets Electronica In "Paradise Lost."
by Stephanie Jorgl, Apple
"Ultimately, I want to use technology to make music that lives and breathes, and constantly serves the drama of the opera. And there is nothing like using a Mac to make that dream into a reality."

Technology Of Future Helps Students Explore Past
by Cameron Collins, The Leaf-Chronicle
A group of sixth-graders at Richview Middle School are digging up the past without leaving the classroom.

Bluetooth Technology Is Finding Use In More
by Doug Bedell, Knight Ridder News
After fits and starts, are consumers seeing the first easy-to-use Bluetooth products hit store shelves.

IBM Joins 64-Bit Desktop PC Strategy
by Tom Murphy, Electronic News
With or without Apple, IBM pushes ahead with PowerPC plans.

Apple Readies Its First Store In Maryland
by Andrew Ratner, Baltimore Sun
Apple Computer Inc. is putting the finishing touches on its first store in Maryland — the latest move in a strategy the company launched last year to better introduce its products to consumers.

IT Exec Gets Apple Philippines On Its Feet, And Running
by Daxim L. Lucas, The Manila Times
In the information technology circles, Charlie Tang is widely credited with having turned around Apple Philippines, making it a major player in the desktop computer market from a mere bit player just a couple of years ago.

The State's Laptop Computer Initiative Lands In Biddeford
by Alan Elliott, Journal Tribune
More than 200 Biddeford seventh-graders logged on to the future Thursday, firing up new laptop computers paid for by taxpayers across the state.


Macs-imizing Student Potential
by Joyce Newhouse, Star-Telegram
We believe that our students are gaining some high-level computer skills and getting an excellent education in our school district.

Mac Poses As Much Of Challenge To Linux As To Windows
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
Apple's snarky ad campaign urging people to switch from Microsoft Windows machines to Apple's Macintosh computers probably won't put a dent in Windows sales. But it could mean serious trouble for the effort to put the Linux operating systems on home and corporate desktops.


Moving Video, Photos To DVDs Gets Easier
by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Pioneer Press
For the best consumer-grade DVD authoring around, get a Macintosh with iDVD. We're betting you'll be thrilled.

Jaguar Does Windows—And Then Some
by Sephen H. Wildstrom, BusinessWeek
This $129 Mac upgrade makes networking with Windows easy.

Mariner Write V3 And Mariner Calc V5.2 Pack
by Kirk Hiner,
They've each got room to grow, and Write especially needs to clean up a couple of features before it's ready for prime time.

Spam Busters
by Charles Arthur, Independent
PostArmor is the new enemy of junk e-mail. It homes in on header clues and zaps the stuff before it even reaches you.

Digital Remake: Update Old Analog Video
by Sam Diaz, Pioneer Press
The analog-to-digital conversion market is growing as consumers upgrade to digital camcorders.

Of Mice And Movies
by David Lagesse, U.S. News
Video-editing software lets you play director at your desk. But you may need to upgrade your PC.

HP Device Does More Than Photos
by Deborah Porterfield, Gannett News Service
Whether printing pictures, copying photos or scanning images on its flatbed, this show-off device produced spectacular prints with vibrant colors just begging to be framed.


Monday, September 30, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

An Apple A Day: iPods Around the World

Robert Scoble: I think Microsoft has a leadership problem... They've forgotten to ship new things once in a while.


Raikes Details Office Changes
by Peter Galli, eWeek
As Microsoft Corp. prepares to release the first beta for Office 11, the next version of its pervasive Office productivity suite, Jeff Raikes, its group vice president of productivity and business services, sat down to talk about the changes users can expect to see.

XML To Drive Office Update
by Peter Galli, eWeek
Code-named Office 11, the suite will feature built-in support for XML in Word, allowing developers to create "smart" documents that automatically search for code or updates as needed.

Hybrid Pentium 4 Finds Home In Laptops
by Michael Kanellos, CNET
It's not quite a notebook chip and not quite a desktop chip, but Intel's Pentium 4C processor is managing to establish an identity for itself in a small niche of the consumer notebook market.

Gateway Changs Its Marketing Spots
by Ian Fried, CNET
Direct PC seller Gateway is revamping its logo and marketing to further downplay its bovine heritage, but the company says it is not killing its sacred cow.

Why .NET Is A Benefit To Other Platforms
by John Carroll, ZDNet
Instead of complaining about Microsoft's market reach, co-opt.

PC Makers Hit Speed Bumps; Being Faster May Not Matter
by John Markoff, New York Times
Computers have reached a point where for the most common home purposes — Web surfing, e-mail and word processing — they are already more than fast enough to suit a typical home user's needs.

Bluetooth: Prooft That Microsoft Is Innovating
by David Berlind, ZDNet
It's not Microsoft's reaction time to a burgeoning technology that's innovative. What's innovative is Foley's vision for where wireless technologies like Bluetooth fit into the grander scheme of things.

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