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Thursday, October 3, 2002

Top Stories

Why Unix Matters To Mac OS X
by Daniel H. Steinberg, O'Reilly Network
With Mac OS X, a solid consumer version of Unix is winning back the desktop.

Go Figure
by Garry Barker, Sydney Morning Hearld
Macintosh, in fact, is the number one computer brand in the world, with 11.6 per cent of the market.


by Rodney Chester, The Courier Mail
Ellen Feiss probably has a fair bit of explaining to do to her parents.

SAD 58 Embraces Laptop Program
by Barry Matulaitis, The Original Iregular
The program's effects are already being felt in SAD 58 schools. Ron Canter, a teacher at the Kingfield School, said that his students can use the Apple iBooks to download clips and visuals from the World Book site, and can use the computers to enhance their research.

Apple Airs New Celebrity "Switch" Ads
by MacMinute
It would appear Apple has launched a new series of "Switch" ads featuring celebrities/athletes, as a new television ad featuring professional surfer Kelly Slater has started airing.

Older Versions Of Stuffit Expander Vulnerable
by MacNN
ZIP archives containing files with large filenames can cause a buffer overflow when extracted with Stuffit Expander 6.5.2 and earlier.


O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference: The Keynote Addresses
by Marc Zeedar, MacOPINION

Hardware Hampers Preschool PC Users
by Gene Emery, Reuters
It's time to make a plea to hardware manufacturers on behalf of young children everywhere who are experimenting with the world of computers: Start thinking smaller.

Wi-Fi Is So Good: It Even Works
by Dave Birch, The Guardian
My wire-free world.


News-Reader Software Can Do Your Web Surfing For You
by Michael Bazeley, San Jose Mercury News
By fetching headlines and other content from the Web and dumping it onto a user's desktop, news readers can dramatically limit needless Web surfing.

Apple's iPod Sounds Great With Windows
by Mike Himowitz, Baltimore Sun
You can buy hard disk-based music players of equal capacity for less money than the iPod. But if you want to pamper yourself, the iPod's compact size, elegant industrial design, friendly interface and superb sound quality make it a great companion.

The Apple iPod For Windows Begins A New Legacy
by Tom's Hardware Guide
Even though they were, in my opinion, "late" to enter the Windows market, they were able to do it with a product that users will want to buy.

In Search Of Mice And Keys That Merit Kind Treatment
by Sarah Milstein, New York Times
Try out any device before buying it or make sure you can return it. Designs that look good may not actually fit your hands, desk or work style. And consider black: it hides stains and dust nicely.

Do You Really Need A Calendar?
by David Zeiler, Baltimore Sun
Apple's new iCal program can help you keep up with your life — but only if you have Jaguar and can endure its sluggish behavior.

Wireless Networking Insanity At OS X Con
by Rob Flickenger, O'Reilly Network
If you're running promiscuous mode tools, do not run a firewall in OS X 10.2. If you're acting as a router... Don't run promiscuous mode utilities!


Thursday, October 3, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Dan Gillmor noted that Apple refused to participate at a conference panel discussing digital rights management. "Disturbing".

Clueless Reporter Darek Fanton: Apple's iPod is just one of the many ways to download music from the Internet.

Five experiemnts with AOL's voice recognition software, by Ron Grunberg. It's Newton Fiasco all over again!

Play some golf and the school will get some iBooks.

Congrats to MacCentral for receiving the Standard of Excllence award from Web Marketing Association.


Microsoft Sinks Xbox-Hacking Chipmaker
by David Becker, ZDNet
Microsoft appears to have shut down one of the world's largest distributors of "mod chips"—gray-market add-ons that allow Microsoft's Xbox and other video game consoles to play pirated games.

Ballmer On Snacks And Software
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
What's important to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer? Snack food, bugs and software, apparently, according to a memo he sent Wednesday to the company's customers.

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