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Sunday, October 13, 2002


IBM Server Chip Seen Slimmed Down For Apple Macs
by Reuters
IBM Monday announced a microchip for personal computers that will crunch data in chunks twice as big as the current standard and is expected by industry watchers to be used by Apple.

The Latest Audio Gear For Mac-Based Music Studios
by Stephanie Jorgl, Apple
The Audio Engineering Society Convention in Los Angeles spotlights the newest pro-oriented hardware and software, with lots of goodies coming for Mac OS X.


Wanted: MS Mac Chief
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
Want to apply for the most thankless job in the world?


Apple Scores With Able Server Hardware And Software
by Robert P. Lipschutz and Brian Kenny, PC Magazine
The Xserve is an impressive server with a multitude of potential uses, excellent ease of use, plenty of storage, and a software configuration that allows for an unlimited number of connections—all at a truly reasonable price.


Sunday, October 13, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

DO WHAT I MEAN Whoever says our computers are already fast enough are not looking far ahead. Sure, if you just using current applications to read e-mail and surf the web, then you probably do not need to upgrade your computer ever. But, what if you do want the next generation of e-mail applications that is really the vision of a personal digital assistant? What if you want the computer to truly understand you?

YOU WANT THIS JOB? Rob Helm: It's just not at the moment a great career move to be running the Mac unit.

RANDOM STUFF All of the music industry's top remix producers uses Macintosh G4 computers.


The PC's New Tricks
by David Kirkpatrick, Fortune
The PC world is in a funk. Consumers don't want new machines, businesses aren't upgrading, and Michael Dell is grabbing all the profits. So what's a rival PC maker to do? Sell new software, build new devices—and pray that innovation brings customers back. Soon.

Microsoft's Software Snoops
by Brad Stone, Newsweek
Today, Microsoft has a small team of real, trained anthropologists who visit the homes of regular people and study them at their computers, just as they would an indigenous tribe in the Australian outback.

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