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Saturday, October 19, 2002

Top Stories

Trade-Show Chief Hints He'll Squeeze Apple
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
If Apple won't participate in the Boston Macworld show, maybe Greco won't let the company display its wares at Macworld in Tokyo or Paris, or at the San Francisco show in Apple's backyard.

Taking The Stress Out Of PC-Printer Hook Ups
by Lucas van Grinsven, Reuters
Hooking up a printer to a personal computer has ruined many a weekend in the average household. Apple is now pushing a solution that aims to solve part of the problem when trying to get technology devices to work together.

Apple's Road Less Traveled
by Tom Sullivan, InfoWorld
Apple Computer is flirting with the enterprise.

Mac Marks The Enterprise
by Jon Udell, InfoWorld
The marriage of the Mac and open source could be a wellspring of innovation.


Apple Gets Bluetooth Bug
by Ephraim Schwartz, InfoWorld
Hidden behind Apple Computer's summer rollout of protocols and software — dubbed iSync, iChat, and Rendezvous — is a set of strongly held beliefs about the future of pervasive devices.

Apple On The Move
by Steve Gillmor, Mark Jones, Ephraim Schwartz, Jon Udell, and Tom Yager, InfoWorld
Discussion about Web services, digital rights management, Bluetooth, and Apple's plans for the enterprise.


Too Big For Its Niches
by P.J. Connolly and Tom Yager, InfoWorld
The question is, what can businesses get from Apple that they don't already get from IBM, Sun, HP, and Dell?

Presentation Matters
by Tom Yager, InfoWorld
As Red Hat and Apple learned, two paths to graphical interfaces on one platform are two too many.


Little Wonder
by Bill Bennett, The Age
It's not cheap, but Apple's iPod hits all the targets.

More Than Musical?
by Russell Kay, InfoWorld
We approached the iPod with some skepticism, but the machine quickly won us over. It's the best portable music player we've ever used.

No Worms Here
by P.J.Connolly, InfoWorld
Making Apple a serious player in server hardware may have seemed impossible, but the company has pulled it off. Xserve changes everything.

Using iSync And Bluetooth
by Wei-Meng Lee, O'Reilly Network
My initial impression with iSync was good. Setting up the phone was easy, but the Palm devices required some digging into the help files.

Digital Killed The Video Star
by Alan Graham, O'Reilly Network
Chris Meyer has released a $10 application called Photo to Movie, which I consider a milestone in video production.


Saturday, October 19, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

I DON'T UNDERSTAND... How can Charlie Greco have any advantage over Steve Jobs? Apple do not need Macworld Expo. (Okay, Macworld Expo do not absolutely need Apple; but Apple's presense will help a lot.)


Microsoft Shares Climb Nearly 5 Percent
by Reuters
Microsoft Corp. shares climbed nearly 5 percent on Friday after the world's largest software maker reported record revenue in the first quarter that was up 26 percent from the previous year and analysts raised their full-year earnings estimates.

Orange To Launch Microsoft Phone
by Reuters
Orange is set to let the cat out of the bag next week, announcing the release of its new handset using Microsoft's wireless software.

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