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Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Top Stories

Apple Intros 1GHz SuperDrive PowerBooks, New iBooks
by Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral
The updated laptops feature faster processors for both products — up to 1GHz for the PowerBook — and a slot-loading SuperDrive for the PowerBook. Apple also made its consumer entry-level iBook available for under $1000.

Why Apple Keeps Clicking
by Charles Haddad, Wired News
Once again, the buzz says its end is nigh. Too bad Jobs & Co. is too busy satisfying consumers to go along with the doomsayers.

Apple Shows Its Strengths: Company Strong In Digital Media
by Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post
If anyone had doubts about the health of Apple Computer in Thailand, a look inside the ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel last weekend would have dispelled them.


Omni, PopCap Announce New OS X Puzzle Games
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral

Steve Jobs Named A Chrysler 'Design Champion'
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
The Chrysler brand is celebrating the achievements of six "Design Champions" — individuals who have "consistently championed seminal works of architecture and design, and significantly influenced the culture of design in America."

Wireless At Home
by Jonathan B. Cox, News & Observer
Computer networks, once found only in the workplace, are moving into kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms across the Triangle and the nation.

PocketMac Gets Jaguar Compatibility
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
PocketMac is a native Mac sync tool that allows you to sync your Mac directly with a Pocket PC device via USB.

Beyond MP3s: iPod Holds Genome
by Kristen Philipkoski, Wired News
Everyone knows the truly cool kids carry music on Apple iPods. But one enterprising researcher uses it to store the entire human genome.

MacExpo Crowd Awaiting 'Apple's Delights'
by Dominique Fidele, Macworld UK
More than half of Macworld Online readers will attend MacExpo 2002 at the Business Design Centre, Islington, a poll indicates.

Reading A Book Sparks Project For Head Start
by Jill Doss-Raines, The Dispatch
A reading assignment in Pam Shytleís sixth-grade language arts class has turned into a lesson about community service.

Eudora 5.2 Adds More Filtering, Kerberos V Support
by TechWeb
The new edition, 5.2, offers improved anti-spam filtering — Eudora will now match address against the address book to make sure approved correspondents' mail gets through — and support for Kerberos V authentication.

Gigabit To Desktop? Not So Fast
by Phil Hochmuth, Network World
Vendors might be moving full-bore to drive Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop, but users have other plans - at least for now.

Esquire Names Apple's Jonathan Ive To America's "Best And Brightest" List
by MacMinute
List contains emerging leaders who are "reshaping our world."


The Begrudging Acceptance Of Apple
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
It appears that we're seeing the begrudging acceptance of Apple in the traditional PC universe.


ThinkFree Steps Into The Fray
by David Zeiler, Baltimore Sun
Is ThinkFree Office for you? If you absolutely need some of Microsoft Officeís more sophisticated features, probably not. But as a low-cost solution for basic Office compatibility, ThinkFree — warts and all — can't be beat.

Using REALbasic 4.5.1 Classic
by M Borselli, Low End Mac
The novice would have little problem picking up the fundamentals of REALbasic, especially if the many Internet resources are used.

OS X In The Enterprise
by Larry Seltzer, ZDNet
The problem is, that as good as OS X Server may be, it's different from the Linux/Unix, Windows, Netware, and other server OSs enterprises have been buying all these years, so why should they consider it?

Upgrade Computer One Step At A Time
by Mark Kellner, Washington Times
How best to make the upgrade move, and more important, how to make the move a success?

Build Your Own Apache Server With Mod_perl
by David E. Wheeler, O'Reilly Network
If you're like me and plan to do some serious mod_perl-based Web development work on Mac OS X, you'll need to take the following issues into consideration as you begin working with Apple's Apache install.

Compact DV Camcorders: Diminutive But Feature-Packed Cameras Deliver
by Ben Long, Macworld
Each of the four DV camcorders we tested performed some tasks better than others. But we highly recommend the Canon Optura 200MC as the best overall value.

Apple Xserve: Apple Scores With Able Server Hardware And Software
by Robert P. Lipschutz and Brian Kenny, PC Magazine
The Xserve is an impressive server with a multitude of potential uses, excellent ease of use, plenty of storage, and a software configuration that allows for an unlimited number of connections-óall at a truly reasonable price.


Wednesday, November 6, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong


MAC PEOPLE: Andy Macdonald, pro skateboarder, iPod junkie.

MAC PEOPLE: Bob and Pat Lane, author, "Celebrating Family Fun at the County Fair!"


Studies: Few To Use Tablet PCs In 2003
by Margaret Kane and John G. Spooner, CNET
Despite a showy launch set for Thursday, a new generation of tablet PCs is not likely to make much of a mark in the mainstream notebook market, according to a pair of studies.

Dell Tries Retail In Singapore
PC maker Dell Computer, which typically sells direct through the Web and telephone, has chosen Singapore as a test bed for its first retail kiosk in Asia-Pacific.

Can Microsoft Sell Tablet PC?
by John G. Spooner and Ian Fried, ZDNet
Microsoft is aiming its new operating system for pen-based, "tablet" computing at the mainstream corporate market, but the first buyers are likely to be businesses with specific requirements.

Silicon Valley's Dream Tablet, From Microsoft
by John Markoff, New York Times
In unveiling its new tablet computer system amid much fanfare on Thursday, Microsoft is betting that it can succeed where dozens of Silicon Valley companies, including Apple, have failed.

Microsoft Ruling May Give Private Suits Ammunition
by Stephen Lawson, InfoWorld
Microsoft and attorneys for competitors and consumers suing the software giant on Monday gave differing interpretations of a ruling in a group of private antitrust cases brought against the company.

Shareholders To Microsoft: Pay Out
by Reuters
Up to now, Microsoft's shareholders have been willing to give up dividends in exchange for a rising share price and stock splits. But with the share price down by more than 15 percent so far this year, some are calling for better returns in the form of dividends.

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