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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Top Stories

Laptops Not Yet Maine-Stream
by Katie Dean, Wired News
In rural Maine, seventh-graders have the same shiny new laptops as their coastal cousins. But with fewer resources and training, many teachers are learning to use the machines along with their students.

Apple Adds Drop-In Journaling To OS X Server
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
Journaling is a convenience feature for system administrators: it improves restart times after a crash on large volumes, as the system only needs to check the journal rather than every block on the disk.

Apple Reclaims The Innovation Lead
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
With iMacs, iPods, OS X, and more, Jobs & Co. has grabbed the attention of consumers and — just as important — software developers.


Apple Web App Opens Doors To Others
by Ian Fried, CNET
The new version of WebObjects, which is used by companies to create various custom Web applications, supports key standards such as XML (Extensible Markup Language) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), while not requiring developers to write the low-level code for those protocols.

Now Online: All Of Calif. Coast
by Kendra Mayfield, Wired News
Equipped with a digital camera, an Apple PowerBook and a Robinson R-44 helicopter, Kenneth Adelman and his wife are taking high-resolution pictures of every mile of the California coastline, 500 feet at a time.

John Issac: Saved By A Butterfly
by Joe Cellini, Apple
"It's so much easier with digital imaging."

Susan Meiselas: Jumping Into Digital
by Joe Cellini, Apple
What Meiselas has made to date sugests that she has successfully crossed another border—into rich media publishing.

Dave Gare: Spinning A Silver Disc
by Joe Cellini, Apple
"I knew someday the Mac would do full-speed, full-frame video and motion graphics on the desktop."

Apple Lowers iPod Engraving Price
by MacMinute

'Finding Nemo' Games Coming To Mac In 2003
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
Pixar's next major animated motion picture "Finding Nemo" isn't coming to theaters until next year, but game publisher THQ Inc. has already announced plans to publish games based on the movie, including two titles for Macs and PCs.

Watson 1.6 Posted
by Macworld UK
It introduces a number of improvements, including integration with iCal and Address Book, alongside support for EyeTV.

South Australia: Wintel Company To Push Macs
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
Apple has chosen a South Australia Windows PC manufacturer, Microbits, to sell Apple computers in the corporate, education and government market.


Floor Report: Apple At Oracle World
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
I didn't get much of a positive response from these vendors because they apparently had not seen demand for a Mac OS X version.

What Apple Should Do With The Expo
by Roger Born, MacSlash

It's All About The OS
by Richard K. Hallmark, Mac Design
We must remember that Mac OS X wonít celebrate its second birthday until the end of March 2003. With what Iíve seen so far, I can only dream about what itíll be like when it reaches the ripe old age of 4 or 5.

Apple's New Math
by John Halbig, Mac Design
"Now, a computer in every othe rroom isn't just for itinerant geeks (like me)."

Apple Tunes Up Notebook Lines
by Matthew Rothenberg, PC Magazine
Anyone who wonders why i like covering apple and the Mac should consider the frenzy of speculation leading up to last Wednesday's tweaks to the company's notebook lines.


Links Championship Edition
by Erica Marceau,
Links Championship Edition is okay if you can't or don't want to afford playing on an actual golf course, but it is hardly a substitute for the real thing.

At Home In An Unwired Wonderland
by Jeremy Lockhorn, ClickZ
The biggest development of the last year comes from Apple, and it's happened relatively quietly.

Gateway Profile 4 Vs Apple iMac
by Joe Wilcox, BetaNews
For many Mac buyers on a budget, the iMac is a great deal because of the monitor. A Power Mac would cost much more. But for those making a choice between an iMac or Profile 4 might consider a notebook if an all-in-one system is the preference. But a regular desktop would be cheaper still and offer more power for the buck.


Tuesday, November 12, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

WHO'S INNOVATING NOW? Just when Microsoft is using the word "Innovation" in every sentence they utter about the tablet PC, here comes Business Week's article about Apple reclaiming the innovation lead.

RADIO MADNESS : There's TiVo for television — even though we still don't have anything like it here in Singapore — but where is TiVo for radio? Imagine the possibility if we have good speech and voice recognition...

RADIO MADNESS II : Looks to me a very nice alternative to Radio Userland is evolving...

RUMORS THAT NEVER DIE : Apple is (re)entering the PDA market.


Ballmer: "Dedicated" To Court Settlement
by Joe Wilcox, CNET News.comMicrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Tuesday that the software giant was "dedicated from the top down" to meeting settlement guidelines from a federal antitrust ruling against the company.Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Tuesday that the software giant was "dedicated from the top down" to meeting settlement guidelines from a federal antitrust ruling against the company.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Tuesday that the software giant was "dedicated from the top down" to meeting settlement guidelines from a federal antitrust ruling against the company.

AMD To Tout Corporate Win At Comdex
by John G Spooner, CNET
Advanced Micro Devices, looking to find a niche in the business market, plans to announce a large corporate contract next week, according to company executives.

Microsoft To Stake $400 Million In India
by Winston Chai, CNET
The software giant plans to spend $400 million over the next three years to boost its presence in India, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates revealed today.

Oracle Sends An E-Mail Pitch
by Alorie Gilbert, ZDNet
Oracle urged thousands of IT managers at its annual conference to ditch Microsoft and IBM e-mail systems in favor of Oracle's Collaboration Suite.

Microsoft To Debut Portable PC Screen
by Reuters
Microsoft Corp. said Monday that display maker ViewSonic Corp. will start selling a portable flat-panel screen that can be taken off the desk and used to operate a computer via a wireless link.

Napster Co-Founder Tackles E-Mail Mess
by Joseph Menn, Los Angeles Times
Sean Parker's Plaxo offers a free system that automatically updates Microsoft Outlook users' address books.

Microsoft's Weaker PC Sales Punch
by Jane Black, BusinessWeek
The software king is still a computer-maker's best hope for stimulating new demand. It's just not as all-powerful as it once was.

Tablet PCs: Pen Not Always Mightier Than Keyboard
by Mark Glaser, Online Jouranlism Review
Will they catch on in the marketplace in general? And, will they be used by people to read magazines and newspapers in an electronic format?

Dum Divergence Targeting Tablet PCs
by Vin Crosbie, E-Media Tidbits
If you want to read about a dumb idea resulting from lack of coordination by sectors of the publishing industry, then this is your lucky day.

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