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Friday, November 15, 2002

Top Stories

Studnets Treat Laptops With TLC
by Katie Dean, Wired News
Some might find it hard to believe that 12-year-olds are mature enough to take care of their own laptops. Maine middle-schoolers are proving naysayers wrong.


Creativity Returns To Schools
by Jennifer Hiller, Honolulu Advertiser
Today, what is known as the integrated arts approach is taking hold at schools across the state, driven by a combination of national issues, academic research and local concerns.

Apple Posts Keychain First Aid 1.0 Util
by MacNN
Apple has posted a new Keychain First Aid 1.0 utility, which can verify or repair your keychain configuration.

Linux, Open Source Have 'More Security Problems Than Windows'
by Robin Miller,
All operating systems except Microsoft had increases in reported vulnerabilities this year.

Roxio Buys Napster For $5m
by Macworld UK
In a surprise move, Toast developer Roxio this morning announced plans to buy the assets of bankrupt file-sharing service, Napster.

Robbie Williams Lets Apple Entertain Him
by Macworld UK
Interviewed by Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox, Robbie praised Apple's iTunes and iPod.

Apple Employs Third-Party Tools To Improve Planning Process
by Jennifer Baljko, EBN
When it came to developing a planning strategy for components and spare parts needed in its production process, Apple Computer Inc. concluded that a third-party approach would be required to sort through complex internal processes and handle a large volume of data integration.


Journaling: What It Is, Who Needs It
by John C Welch, Workingmac
Should you use journaling? My usual answer to that type of question is, "If you're asking, the answer is most likely no."


Friday, November 15, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

RECYCLE : Brian Jepson on the rumor that Apple is moving to x86 chip, and running Windows inside Mac OS X.

ON THE GUI FRONT : Robert Scoble noted that it is, again, becoming cool to own a Macintosh.

Linux copies Microsoft which copied Apple which copied Xeros. I guess when you copy UIs too much they get ugly.

SOMEDAY : When I retire, or strike it rich and can afford not to work, I plan on researching whether humans are programmed, in the first place, to live in high-concentration areas such as cities. If it turns out negative, that might explain quite a few things. :-)


How Microsoft Can Get Out Of Its Open-Source Mess
by Charles Cooper, ZDNet
Your best chance is to turn this into a debate over which approach offers better software and support to customers. A few years ago, that would have been a slam dunk for Microsoft. These days I'm no longer so sure.

Dell Smashes Revenue Records
by John G. Spooner, ZDNet
Dell Computer on Thursday said that its performance in the third fiscal quarter was one for the company's record books.

Tablet PC: First Impressions
by Dan Bricklin
Much as the press wants to call it a "pen" computer, it is a Tablet computer. You must understand that. The basis of the machine is that it is (or can be turned into) a tablet. The pen is secondary, and not always important.

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