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Friday, December 13, 2002

Top Stories

Bridging The Education Gap
by Tanya Mitchell, The Republican Journal
In the week since seventh-graders have had the computers for in-class use, teachers of core subjects have found ways to incorporate the machines in their itineraries on a slow-but-sure basis.


Nine Lives For Mac OS 9
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Apple said Friday that it will continue to sell schools some Macs capable of booting up into Mac OS 9, and will continue to sell a Power Mac G4 geared toward professionals such as graphic designers until June.

Apple Sees Web Traffic Decline, Ranks No. 41
by MacNN

IP Over FireWire Released Again, For ADC Members Only
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral

UD Students Ready For Antarctica
by Sean O'Sullivan, Delaware News Journal
Heading for the continent at the bottom of the world.

Spaceward Ho! 5 Adds Internet Play, OS X Support, More
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral

Adobe Revenues Take Upturn
by Macworld UK

IBM Confirms AltiVec To Be In New PowerPC 970, Tightens Up Time Table For Production
by Daniel Miller, The Mac Observer
IBM has confirmed what most Macintosh fans have been hoping for: The vector processing unit in the PowerPC 970 is indeed AltiVec.

You Won't Find These Videos At Blockbuster
by Carol Strickland, The Christian Science Monitor
Video is taking over as the medium of choice for artists, reinventing the language of art.

Mac Fraud Bust: The Inside Story
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
The arrest is the result of extraordinary perseverance and pluck from a 21 year old New Orleans student, aided by the online Mac community.


Apple Sues Two People For Posting Trade Secrets: A Closer Look At The Issues
by Bryan Chaffin and Vern Seward, The Mac Observer
When this stuff gets published, it often blurs the line between "news" and "leaked trade secrets."


Friday, December 13, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

MAC ADDICT TO THE RESCURE, or How I Caught a Counterfeiter with a Little Help from my Friends, a true story by Jason Eric Smith.

(Note: The above link points to a mirrored site.)


Windows XP Spills The Beans On Wireless Access Points
by Bret Glass, ExtremeTech
XP's Wi-Fi software may tell hackers an access point's hidden SSID. But it doesn't stop there, it's possible to "spoof" the XP machine into believing it has connected to a familiar network.

Borland Shares Rise On Takeover Rumors
by Martin LaMonica, CNET
Borland Software shares climbed Thursday as analysts considered whether the software company could be a Microsoft acquisition target.

Microsoft Closes Book On Online Map Deal
by Alorie Gilbert, CNET
Microsoft said Thursday that it has completed a $96 million acquisition of Vicinity, the maker of online mapping service

Microsoft Pushes .Net Server 2003 App Compatibility
by Peter Galli, eWeek
Microsoft Corp. is ratcheting up its efforts to ensure that independent software vendors, partners, system integrators and component vendors address potential application compatibility issues with the upcoming Windows .Net Server 2003 family before it is released next April.

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