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Monday, December 16, 2002

Top Stories

Apple Takes Swipe At Partner Microsoft In Mac Ads
by Michael McCarthy, USA Today
Apple's results indicate the ads are achieving their aim.


The Real Deal For Mac OS X?
by Paul Festa, CNET
Macintosh users are finally getting a finished version of RealNetworks' streaming media player, but they will have to wait at least another several months to rip a CD or play QuickTime files like their Windows counterparts.

iMac Design Team Nominated For Rave Awards
by MacNN
The Apple Industrial Design Team has been nominated by Wired Magazine for its work on the iMac as part of the magazine's Rave Awards, celebrating innovation and the individuals transforming commerce and culture.

Apple Launches Slew Of Mac OS X "Jaguar" Ads
by Stefano Scalia,

FileMaker Database Software Honored As Finalist For Two Codie Awards
by Kirk Hiner,
FileMaker Pro 6 is a finalist for Best Business Productivity Product or Service, and FileMaker Pro 6 Unlimited is a Best Numeric/Database Application finalist.

Apple Announces HomePage Creativity Contest
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
.Mac members can enter the contest in one of three categories: Creative, Humorous iMovie, and Incredible Pets.

Gold Master RealOne Player Released
by Macworld UK
RealNetworks today released the final build of its RealOne Player for Mac OS X.

MySQL Open To Attack
by Patrick Gray, ZDNet Australia
Several vulnerabilities have been found in the MySQL database system, a light database package commonly used in Linux environments but which runs also on Microsoft platforms, HP-Unix, Mac OS and more.

Grid Computing From Sun - Open Source And Proud Of It
by Robin 'Roblimo' Miller, NewsForge
The point is to make sharing computational resources across a grid not only efficient, but easy.


Apple Can't Take Its Own Medicine
We wouldn't really care if it wasn't for the fact that Apple does have a history of accidentally leaking its own information.


What's .Mac Worth? We Put Apple's New Internet Services To The Test
by Adam Engst, Macworld
When deciding whether .Mac is worth $100 per year, you must first figure out which of the services you'll actually use. Although you won't find anything that compares with .Mac for integration with Mac OS or other programs from Apple, it is possible to put together a comparable set of services separately. If you need only a small subset of what .Mac provides, you might even be able to do so less expensively.

Retrospect Backup
by John Nemerovski,

A Happy Rendezvous
by Chris White, Computerworld New Zealand
Sometimes we Mac users don't know how easy we have it.

Jukebox Zen Is Neither As Good Nor As Costly As The iPod
by Matthew Fordahl, Associated Press


Monday, December 16, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

THERE ARE PICTURES? : MozillaZine offers up a good reason to buy the latest issue of Playboy.

CUSTOMIZED MACINTOSH, OR POOR REPORTING? : It may be sad to see a school migrating backwards from Mac to Windows...

But, my question is: are schools getting iMacs without modems?


Microsoft Tightens .Net Tool Security
by Martin LaMonica, CNET
Microsoft on Monday released software tools that it claims will allow developers to create more secure and reliable Web services.

How Open Is The New MS Office?
by Joe Wilcox, ZDNet
Microsoft says it's opening up its Office desktop software by adding support for XML—a move that should help companies free up access to their shared information. But there's a catch: Microsoft has yet to disclose the underlying XML dialect that it's using.

E-Mail Viruses Double
by Matt Loney, ZDNet UK
E-mail viruses are now almost twice as prevalent as they were in 2001, with one e-mail in every 200 containing a virus.

High Fidelity XML
by Steve Gillmor, InfoWorld
There's no mistaking Lucovsky's enthusiasm for these second-generation Office tools.

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