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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Top Stories

Cult Brands: Lessons Learned At Apple, ESPN, And PepsiCo
by Martha Lagace, HBS Working Knowledge
What gives some brands an extra lift? An avid cult following, that's what. At a session of the HBS Marketing Conference, experts debated the pros and cons of managing a brand that customers truly adore.


She's A Knockout
by Linday Martell, TechTV
Meet Apple employee Kelsey Jeffries, key-punching geek by day, face-punching boxer by night.

New MPEG-4 Based Video System Takes Step Forward
by Martyn Williams, Macworld UK
The technical design for a new video compression system based on the MPEG-4 standard that promises better quality digital video was agreed at a meeting in Japan last week, said the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Apple Posts Win-To-Mac OS X Porting Guide
by MacNN

Farewell Beloved CDs
by Paul Rubens, BBC
Having all your music collection in your pocket - it's an idea thousands of Christmas shoppers will have fallen for. But is it all it's cracked up to be?


Savvy Shopper Can Save Money With 'Refurbs'
by Allan Hoffman, The Star ledger
You can save money with refurbs, but you've got to be a savvy shopper.

Should You Upgrade Your PowerBook To USB2?
by Charles Moore, MacOPINION
If you would like to be compatible with USB 2 for a particular reason, than upgrading with one of these PC cards is not terribly expensive. Also, even with faster FireWire coming, older machines wonít benefit from that.

Picking The Right MP3 Player
by Brian Clark, CNN/Money
If you know what you're looking for, you'll be able to eliminate many lesser models right off the bat.

Java Media Development With QuickTime For Java
by Chris Adamson, O'Reilly Network


Tuesday, December 24, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

CRASHING LEFT AND RIGHT : You know, I like Internet Explorer on Windows as a library that applications can make use of. I hate it though 'cause when it crashes, it brings down all the applications that is making use of it together.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? : "I resolve to go an entire year without making critical comments about some Apple computer or some Apple strategy." John C. Dvorak finds no good coming out of "bashing".

SHOPPING SEASON : Apple's iPod is a big seller this Christmas, according to folks at J&R Music and Computer World.

On a related note, you can shop at Harlem, and win an iMac.


British Mobile Phone Maker Sues Microsoft
by Paul Roberts and Peter Sayer, Macworld UK
British mobile phone manufacturer Sendo Holdings has filed suit against Microsoft in a US federal court, alleging the company stole Sendo's proprietary technology and trade secrets, then used them to launch itself into the mobile phone market.

Microsoft's Top 10 Challenges For 2003
by Direction Microsoft

Microsoft Ordered To Carry Java
by Paul Festa, CNET
A U.S. district court judge on Monday ordered Microsoft to include Sun Microsystems' version of Java with the Windows operating system, citing the software giant's history of undermining the platform-neutral programming language.

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