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Thursday, December 26, 2002


Military Academy Points The Way
by Julie Moran Alterio, The Journal News
The 1,000-strong freshman class is the first to use a wireless network installed this year in 95 classrooms at West Point.

Parents Log On To Keep Tabs On Kids
by Erin Hudson, The Daily Times
Rob Britt, principal at Carpenters Middle School, said all the comments from parents regarding the Power School system have been positive.


Flirting With The Dark Side
by Gene Steinberg, Gannett News Service
Although Apple labels itself the "Think Different" company, the Macintosh of 10 years ago was much more different from the computers of the "Dark Side" than the Macintosh of today.

My PC Wish List For 2003
by Charles Cooper, CNET
The Mac set a qualitative bar that other computer makers (and Microsoft) have struggled to meet, let alone surpass.

When Simple Is Better
by Paul Gilster, The News Observer
If we're doing something in a roundabout way by computer that's better done by hand, aren't we focusing on the wrong thing? Maybe we should let computers do what they do best — sorting, filing, finding data. And maybe we should emphasize what we do best, which is the human side of communication, the qualities of support and presence.


The Digital Day After: How To Get The Most From Your Digital Camera
by Sam Diaz, San Jose Mercury News
If you're new to digital cameras and have a Mac nearby, consider yourself lucky. You have everything you'll need to handle life in the digital photo world. You have iPhoto.

Now Your Cellphone Can Remember Mom's Birthday
by Joe Hutsko, New York Times
Thanks to new cellphones and to software from phone manufacturers and others, saying goodbye to all that thumb-busting key-punching is relatively easy.

No Excuse For Not Backing Up
by M. David Stone, PC Magazine
With the Maxtor Personal Storage 5000LE, adding an extra 80GB of capacity to your computer has never been easier.


Thursday, December 26, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

IMPROVEMENTS, PLEASE : Sad to say, but Quicktime Player for Windows really, really sucks.

APPLE'S LEAD : One trend that I would like to see that Apple can lead, is the try-it-out before you buy advantage of the Apple retail store. For example, when I buy a new VCR, I would like to try out how hard or easy it would be to program that box to record programs.

THE HUMANE ENVIRONMENT : Jef Raskin has a new user-interface under development. Could this be the Macintosh?

MAC SCHOOL : Holy Family Lutheran School.


Microsoft Switches Strategy On Linux
by Helen Jung, Associated Press
As businesses increasingly adopt Linux to run their computer servers, Microsoft is shifting the battleground from schoolyard insults or techie-speak to corporate notions of "business value."

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