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Friday, January 3, 2003


A World Without Apple Computer
by Gene Steinberg, Gannett News Service
I think we should all be grateful that Apple Computer, despite its relatively small market share, has made such a tremendous impact in the industry.

Rampant Guesses About Macworld Run Gamut
by Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle

Macworld Expo: Is It Still Important To Apple?
by Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl
With its retail store chain growing, Apple might reach more potential customers simply by sending a few marketing people around the country to display new products at the local outlets, where the customers can actually buy them and take them home if they want.

Macworld San Francisco 2003. Bored Again?
by Matteo Fulgheri, The Inquirer
Oh please, not again...


Fully-Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Takes The Pain Out Of Typing
by Owen W. Linzmayer, MacHome
Once you've used a Comfort Keyboard for a while, switching back to a standard keyboard is quite literally a pain. And if you think the $300 price tag stings, it's nothing compared to the cost of physical therapy, prescription drugs, and lost productivity that can result from severe repetitive stress injuries.

The Best In 2002: The Year In Freeware

Co: Writer 4000
by Steve Wood, View From The Classroom
I have to give Don Johnston's Co:Writer 4000 a qualified thumbs-up overall. It's a tremendous teaching tool for challenged writers.

Living Without Windowshading
by Charles W. Moore,
A number of correspondents have challenged me over the past several months to try using the OS X Finder on its own terms rather than resorting to hacks that make it work more like OS 9, so I decided to continue living without windowshading for a while.


Friday, January 3, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

THIRD ANNUAL WEBLOG AWARDS : Have you nominated your favorite weblogs yet?

MEMORIES... of the last MWSF.


Microsoft Foes Urge Antitrust Punishment
by Declan McCullagh, CNET
Two more Microsoft foes have joined an effort to overturn the landmark antitrust settlement that a federal judge approved in November.

Trustworthy Computing In 2002
by Chris Pike, Pikeus
For Microsoft, 2002 was filled with failings, inadequacies, lies, cover-ups, passing-the-buck and (as usual) relentless pressure to upgrade. These are the actions of a company promoting 'Trustworthy Computing'. But are they trustworthy?

And Now, The Portable Desktop PC, Up To A Point
by David Pogue, New York Times
Microsoft may have quite a challenge explaining to the masses how this wireless screen differs from last fall's Tablet PC, whose looks, marketing language, core audience of well-heeled techies and manufacturer roster are confusingly similar to those of the Smart Display.

Microsoft-Powered Phone Takes Off
by Ben Charny, CNET
Device maker High Tech Computer has received approval from the Federal Communications Commission to begin selling the "Falcon," a cell phone powered by Microsoft's Pocket PC Phone Edition software.

Microsoft Counts On Antipiracy Technique
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Microsoft is set to release its first mainstream consumer software application protected by product activation, in what could be a first step toward expanding use of the antipiracy technology.

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